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Horde Of Hel - Döden Nalkas Award winner

Horde Of Hel
Döden Nalkas
by Barry Valentine at 20 September 2020, 2:38 PM

Here is a force to be reckoned with, hailing from Sweden, a band that shrouds in mystery “Horde Of Hel”. Forming in the year 2000, the earliest album I could dig up made its way to fruition in 2009 titled “Blodskam,” but the band has made a name for  itself known as being the hellish, anti-religion, anti-humanity black metal band. Bringing us the best of what Sweden has to offer in the form of black/death metal this three piece band is blowing out your speakers with its newest creation “Doden Nalkas” to be released Sept. 3oth.

The first song on the album “Blodets Morgan” is a violent explosion of percussion pound at a pace of a crackheads heart, and heavy downtuned guitar riff with the fury of a 1000 tortured souls from start to finish is certain to raise the hair on the back of your neck. With an unrelenting pounding from the drum kit to the eerie chorus, and that riff just screaming in the background. A great sound, excellent tone, a good song.

The second song “Death Division Status” is a continuation of the same fast and furious speed from the first with continued pounding percussion, double bass drum kicking, and a riff to match the tone. Dark deep vocals, and eerie chorus make for another great song. Hard, heavy, and what you’d expect these guys from these guys, pure fury.

The third song “Visdomen Kallas Döden” is a change of pace from the previous two songs with a little slower tempo, but still hair raising. With a steady hammering drum beat, constant guitar chords, and the same deep verses make this song powerful. The longest song on the album, but with the change ups, increased tempo, and dark chorus will leave you wanting more. At this point, this is my favorite song. The composition of the song is well down.

I’m going to skip to the fifth song “Totalitarian Regime” even though “Standard Nordland” is another hard hitting song, this one must be told. It starts off with again a different tempo, powerful guitar into, a slower drum kick going into the first verse the breakdown after the first chorus is badass! Very good song, increasing in speed as the song progresses, and constantly changing. One of the best produced songs on here at this point.

Onto the eighth song “No Remorse.” The second to longest song, and another completely different from the rest. A completely different intro before a tone that’ll make your heart skip a beat before a slower growled first verse. The breakdown going into the chorus, and the tempo of the song all fit together perfectly. The sampling mixed in to the song with the instrumentals make this song truly kickass, and the increasing tempo into the finish, well played!

The final song “Eternity And Ruins” completes the album with an encore of every style we’ve witnessed up unto this point. A slower melodic intro, heavy percussion, eerie vocals, whining guitar chords increasing to a furious double bass kick, and finishing with the perfect riff. A great finish to a great start.

Overall I really enjoyed this album, I’ve listened to it about four times and everytime it gets better. I’m a huge fan of black metal, and this album doesn’t disappoint. The sound quality wasn’t perfect, but the band's talents stepped up to fill the void. I wish the vocals were a little louder, they were at times foreshadowed behind the instrumentals but all in all, good stuff!

Songwriting 9
Musicianship 9
Memorability 9
Production 7

4 Star Rating

1.Blodets Morgan (4:43)
2. Death Division Status (3:02)
3. Visdomen Kallas Döden (6:24)
4. Standard Nordland (2:52)
5. Totalitarian Regime (4:00)
6. Total Death (3:51)
7. Holy Ash (3:08)
8. No Remorse (6:23)
9. Livets Narkos (3:55)
10. Eternity And Ruins (6:02)
Nils Fjellstrom - Drums
John Odhinn Sandin - Guitars, Bass
Sanctvs - Vocals
Record Label: Blooddawn Productions / Regain Records


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Edited 29 November 2022

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