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Hordes of the Morning Star - Consummatum Est (Reissue)

Hordes of the Morning Star
Consummatum Est
by Dory Khawand at 13 August 2012, 5:34 PM

Black Metal has underwent several stages of evolution since the 80s, starting with the thrash influenced sound pioneered by SARCOFAGO, and followed by the darker sounds from Norway and Sweden. To avoid a long story, the genre has expanded worldwide to eventually include wide Black Metal scenes in the United States. HORDES OF THE MORNING STAR are a part of that scene, and they have re-recorded their raw, filthy, and evil driven debut album “Consummatum Est”.

While the underground part of the genre may seem generic and unoriginal to the occasional Black Metal listener, it’s actually an interesting journey to those testing the sounds each Black Metal circle worldwide has to offer. And having listened to some BEHEXEN, SATANIC WARMASTER and AZAGHAL, I was in the mood for some underground harsh US Black Metal. Wanna know what I thought about “Consummatum Est”? Of course you do!

I’ll start with a summary of the overall sound this album brings forth. Everything about “Consummatum Est” is purely orthodox. It conforms purely to the 90s sound while adding a few changed in riffs from time to time. It does not in any way take influences from the recent subgenres and sounds being offered in Black Metal, which can be good for those looking to revive a harsher BEHERIT, or any early raw Black Metal sound.

Cliché as the album may be at times, its defining point is that it doesn’t have any ups or downs. It’s steady and delivers the desired Black Metal sound. But one thing bothers me here; it’s that the album is very orthodox to the level that it really offers nothing new whatsoever. If this album was recorded back in the 90s I’d easily have counted it as a classic, especially since it has some great tracks like “To Sire a Slave” and “Altar”.

Overall, I really wish they added more influences to the album overall, like modern atmospheric ones, which could have made the album a much enjoyable listen. However, “Consummatum Est” still manages to entertain, and play its role as an average US Black Metal album.

3 Star Rating

1. Illuminate
2. To Sire a Slave
3. Ashes
4. Sentinel
5. Sacrament
6. Altar
7. Holocaust
8. Cut My Throat and Bury Me
9. Carrion Throne
R – Guitar, Bass
L – Drums, Back Vocals
J – Guitars, Vocals
Record Label: Metalhit.Com Records


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