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Horisont - Sudden Death Award winner

Sudden Death
by Dani Bandolier at 04 July 2020, 12:47 AM

Óðinn’s Lightning! Rockers venture forth ¡! Ye must wait in line with the others who hath made this pilgrimage, and that line may stretch as far as the eye can see – well, tonite the line won’t be long since ye olde music tour has been frozen. But tours shall go on again with bands like HORISONT (2010) taking the stage, another fine rock group based in Göteborg-Go:teborg (Gothenburg), Sweden. HORISONT got their musical education at the school of late 60’s-late 70’s rock with professors BADFINGER, QUEEN, MUSE, ELO and STYX with additional credit in progressive rock bits. The progressive rock bits here are the bait. The music takes me back, way back to a decade ago when my dole disappeared on Charles Bukowski books, bad horses and worse womans … basta ya …

Its the end of life, its the the end of truth and celebration … Celebration ¡! … ‘Revolution’ comes in on a boogie woogie piano romp rolling to a beautiful choral bridge that is right out of BADFINGER 101. At 2 Minutes in I can’t believe I am listening to the same song – that is how much musical turf  HORISONT covers. ‘Free Riding’ has a STYX-E STREET BAND wallop of an introduction that clears the way for Axel’s voice to take point on this musical recon. At the song’s midway point there is an ALAN PARSON PROJECT synth-keyboard-guitar dustup that reminds me how great that lead synth sound is à la Jan Hammer‘Into the Night’ takes us into the night … again, and again with a blowout jam that stays a wee bit too long on the chorus.

‘Standing Here’ shows the same high level of we-got-our-shit-together like most every song but I notice that the mix gets busy and there is too much going on, too many tracks elbowing each other to give the song proper focus evidenced by a dull throb in me wee noggin when the sonics obfuscate. ‘Runaway’ has an ace secret agent SHADOWS golden guitar lick that would make Johnny Rivers take note. ‘Gråa Dagar’ is a Beatle-esque folky rocker sung in Swenska with some standout vocal arrangements … stand tall … or lose it all … ‘Sail On’ is an inspirational song of hope that brings Axle’s alto voice out front and has groovy dual guitar lines played in unison à la THIN LIZZY. ‘Breaking the Chain’ is another soundcheck towards the ALAN PARSONS PROJECT with some way-back polyphonic synth sounds and a romp’n’roll featuring Magnus on the bass guitar - the guy is totally grooving here and is a fun listen. Showing off the lads’ considerable musical chops, lone instrumental ‘Archaeopteryx in Flight’ shows a whole lot of feathers and a full cake-hole of a song title … and who among us has not spied an Archaeopteryx in Flight and written a banger of a music piece? Only on Metal Temple can the truth be known.
‘Reign of Madness’ is a jaunt down Rik Emmett vocal melody road that puts the go pedal down with a new cowbell rhythm, tilting between a 4/4 hard rock and a latin rave syncopation.

“Sudden Death” is a right squared away rock oeuvre by gifted musicians that can play, write and perform in a horizon much wider than a typical rocker and they do it with progressive and captivating stylish modern rock bits … I am thoroughly impressed that people are out there making a deep dive into this prog-happy rock genre. I would like a better mix. There, I said it. I think there could be some additional facets come to sparkling with a careful paring of a track layer or sonic polish treatment. Have a listen and make up thy mind yo bad self! Crackin’ effort,  HORISONT ¡!

Não tirar o cavalinho da chuva parçeiros … a Spotify lista de reprodução de dani bandolier é beleza…

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Revolution
2. Free Riding
3. Pushin’ the Line
4. Into the Night
5. Standing Here
6. Runaway
7. Gråa Dagar
8. Sail On
9. Breaking the Chain
10. Hold On
11. Archaeopteryx in Flight
12. Reign of Madness
13. White Light
Axel - Vocals
Charles - Guitar
David - Guitar
Magnus - Bass
Pontus - Drums
Record Label: Century Media Records


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