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Horizons End - Heavenly Realms

Horizons End
Heavenly Realms
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 03 November 2015, 11:59 AM

Since Power Metal came to evidence of the second half of the 90’s of the last century, the style gained many fans and tons of new bands. Yes, but always when this fact occurs, we have a selection, because no Metal style will stay forever in evidence. So the better ones stay, and some others disappear into oblivion. But after these times, only the ones who love to play this or that style, appears. And this is the case from the Melbournian (Australia) based sextet, HORIZONS EDGE, coming with their second album, called "Heavenly Realms".

They play a tradition form of melodic Power Metal, the same way used by bands as STRATOVARIUS, SONATA ARCTICA and some others, with some touches of HELLOWEEN from first and second parts of "Keeper of the Seven Keys" here and there. But the main difference between their work, from many, is the use of female vocals in a style that stays away from Symphonic Power Metal. No, Kat sings in a more traditional fashion, with non-lyrical influences. The musical arrangements are fine, the songs full of energy, and their personality pulses here, indeed.

The sound quality is very good, making their musical work flows in a clean way that we can understand clearly the keyboards and guitars (including the duets). Of course they have some weight, but in the needed quantity. Of course, some tunes could be better and the vocals could be in a better shape, but the things are in a very good level here.

Some fine pieces arise from "Heavenly Realms" for good. Songs as "Out of the Ashes" (a very hooking song, with great intro from guitars, and with some rhythmic changes that can astonishes many fans), the hooking duo formed by "Heavenly Realms" (perfect work done by the rhythmic kitchen) and "Ride the Stars" (fine keyboards and a perfect performance from the vocals, having a great refrain as well), and "Life After Death".

They have a pretty good potential that still is inside their souls, and when it finally shows up, a great name of the style can be born.

4 Star Rating

1. Vagabond
2. Out of the Ashes
3. Heavenly Realms
4. Ride the Stars
5. Empire
6. Sign of the Times
7. Life After Death
8. Head Honcho
Kat Sproule - Vocals
Josh Ristrom - Guitars
Eddy Grosso - Guitars
Campbell Hill - Keyboards
Anthony Wilko - Bass
Dean Lewer - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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