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Horna - Kuoleman Kirjo Award winner

Kuoleman Kirjo
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 03 December 2020, 6:43 AM

One thing that is really astonishing in Metal and makes all fans have a deeper insight into music is the national set of features that a Metal genre can have. There are features that are truly particular to a country, and that can’t be heard in any other part of the world (except when someone is emulating things). And when Black Metal is the matter, this set of figures can be even more noted by the listeners. There are some features into Finnish Black Metal that when heard, you’ll know that is a Finnish band playing, as in the case of the quintet HORNA, as can be heard on “Kuoleman Kirjo”, their latest release.

It’s a brutal and aggressive form of traditional Finnish Black Metal that is shared by names as AZAGHAL, BARATHRUM and others, but have in mind: the quintet has a established personality due the long years into the scene (the band is active since 1994). It’s harsh and bitter, but with many climatic parts into their songs. But the morbid and somber appeal of their songs is charming for Black Metal fans, with an amazing raw energy flowing from their songs. So it can be said that “Kuoleman Kirjo” keeps their level. The sound quality of the album is what the quintet offers since its beginning: a crude and rough approach to make their songs sound as nasty and brutal as possible. They’re an Old School Black Metal band, so it’s nothing wrong with that. But they learned throughout the years how to record in such way in a form that the listeners can understand what they are playing and expressing in their songs. It’s very good, indeed.

When hearing the album, many will understand why the name of HORNA is praised by many fans of Black Metal. And songs as “Saatanan Viha” (brutal and fast, but with very good arrangements, especially on bass guitar and drums), “Elegia” (a song with many contrasts on the rhythm, creating a very good set of ambiences, and the crude guitar riffs are truly good), “Sydänkuoro” (a bombastic and nasty song, filled with a somber and raw feeling on the moderate speed of the tempos, and the sensible Hardcore influence), “Elävänä, Kuolleena” (the slow and bitter speed of this song shows the value of the vocals and guitars, and some subjective melodies can be heard), “Haudattujen Tähtien Yönä” (this one shows agonizing clean vocal tunes in some parts, along with the funereal ambience that slow tempos can bring), “Rakas Kuu” (brutal and oppressive, there are very good contrasts of rhythms on it, and excellent guitar riffs), “Mustat Vuodet” (another set of excellent guitars with subjective melodies, even with these fast parts), and “Veriuhri” (some good technical parts on the rhythms are really very good) are examples that the quintet can offer to Black Metal fans.

HORNA has the same Finnish Black Metal DNA that all their compatriots have, but has a personality as well. Listen to “Kuoleman Kirjo” and enjoy without any moderation.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Saatanan Viha
2. Elegia
3. Uneton
4. Sydänkuoro
5. Elävänä, Kuolleena
6. Kärsimysten Katedraali
7. Haudattujen Tähtien Yönä
8. Rakas Kuu
9. Unohtumaton
10. Mustat Vuodet
11. Pyhä Kuolema
12. Veriuhri
13. Ota Minut Vastaan
Spellgoth - Vocals
Shatraug - Guitars
Infection - Guitars
VnoM - Bass
LRH - Drums
Record Label: World Terror Committee


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