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Horna - Aania Yossa (CD)

Aania Yossa
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 03 March 2007, 10:10 PM

uomi Finland perkeleeeeeeeeee, or something like that. Hell yeah, I definitely love Finland's blasphemous Black Metal scene! You got it right my beloved blacksters, HORNA are back with one more satanic album, ready to drive our souls right to hell. Are you willing to follow me to this trip? Brave ones fasten your seatbelts. Let the cowards stay back with their melodic piece of shit. No offence, I love melodic shit, too, but I am trying to create an evil atmosphere…
Formed in 1993, HORNA have achieved to place their name in the respect list of the Black Metal scene. Formerly known as SHADOWED, they changed their name into HORNA (the Finnish word for abyss) in 1994, with the addition of drummer Gorthaur (ex-BATTLELORE). They have up to now released many stuff (as a Black Metal band that respects itself has to do) including the well known Black Metal split CD's, EP's, demos, one live album, a best of compilation and six full-length albums (including Aania Yossa). I got tired just by writing down their releases…
HORNA's Aania Yossa was released in 2006 but just came in for review. So, the new unholy, blasphemous blah blah blah HORNA album (I got bored of this evil stuff) is exactly what a fan of the band would expect, cold and decayed. The album was ready before three years or more and it took some time to be released. All the instruments have been recorded by Shatraug except from the vocals, which were recorded by Corvus. The songs are based on a concept, which describes the Black Plague, a disease that killed thousands of people back in the 14th century. For all of you who don't know HORNA, they play pure, old school Black Metal, influenced by bands such as DARKTHRONE, SATANIC WARMASTER and BEHEXEN. Although it is a pretty nice album and has this majestic suicidal atmosphere that HORNA produce, I believe it can't catch the incredible level of their earlier albums like Haudankylmyyden Maille (1999). The production is classic, shitty, underground production, which may sound cult or true, but believe me, if you are listening to the last track of this album for example (which by the way is 21:21 minutes), can become really annoying. The drums caused me a headache! So, we have a nice Black Metal album, with shitty Black Metal production.
This album may not be essential to Black Metal fans but it is definitely a nice addition to a Black Metal collection. HORNA fans go get it. No need for a second thought. As for me, I can't say if I would buy this album or not for sure. It is just that the drums are fucking irritating! ARGH! Why do musicians sometimes spoil the whole atmosphere just for being cult?

3 Star Rating

Raiskattu Saastaisessa Valossa
Noutajan Kutsu
Mustan Surman Rukous
Aani Yossa
Corvus - Vocals
Shatraug - Guitar
Saturnus - Guitar
Infection - Bass
Vainaja - Drums
Record Label: Debemur Morti Productions


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