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Horncrowned - Defanatus (Diabolus Adventus) Award winner

Defanatus (Diabolus Adventus)
by OverlyMetalJames at 31 December 2014, 10:33 PM

Greetings earthlings and headbangers all over this wretched beautiful planet!! I’m OverlyMetalJames and I bring you another review of a masterpiece of brutality!!!! I give you a Black Metal review, which is fine by me because I have fallen in love with HORNCROWNED and to think this band is all the way from Bogota Columbia is very surprising to me.

This band has phenomenal talent and certainly decapitates you like Dolph Lundgren breaking ice in half with his bare hands; this is a masterpiece of Black Metal brutality and sure to be a classic for the genre. This is a straight up in your face black metal album nothing hippie-themed about it as it just earthquakes your face to shreds of human flesh, influences on this band I hear a great deal of are EMPEROR, MAYHEM, DARK FUNERAL, SATYRICON, and of course the legendary GORGOROTH. I really have fallen for this album/band and it may become a dark, unhealthy obsession to be HORNCROWNED’s number-one superfan; they are that majestic. This is one band that I will certainly be following for as long as they exist.

This my first exposure and experience of hearing HORNCROWNED and I feel like I’m tripping on acid and mushrooms from this album being so brutal. It’s like the starter course meal for a zombie apocalypse and the summoning of Satan himself; BEHOLD GREATNESS!! With this album you should buy or die because if not, then you need an overly metal education because this is one masterpiece that is worthy of being in a heavy metal museum on vinyl, if such heavenly place ever exists. Words that are in this review can’t even do justice for this majestic masterpiece of brutality. If you know me in the flesh, then you would understand my over the top enthusiasm and love for metal that I bleed this music through my very soul!! BUY OR DIE!!!

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Extinction's Apotheosis
3. Christ's Devotees Genocide
4. Horned Redeemer
5. Harassment
6. Har Meggido Νikh
7. Worship of the Seven-Headed Beast
8. Defanatus
9. Charred Shrines
10. Malign & Perverse
11. Quenchless Ignition
12. Outro
Demongoat - Vocals, Guitar
Bifrons - Drums
Ar'taqof - Bass
BSK - Guitar
Record Label: Goathorned Productions


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