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Horns Of Damnation – Where Voices Leave No Echo Award winner

Horns Of Damnation
Where Voices Leave No Echo
by Ben Gardiner at 21 December 2021, 10:39 PM

HORNS OF DOMINATION first unleashed their dark, fiery Blackened Death Metal in 2015 with a two track demo that brought animosity and melody to the forefront of their sound. Both of these demo tracks can now be heard on this album with new production to do them justice, beginning and ending the album. An incredibly refined debut from beginning to end, "Where Voices Leave No Echo" uses heaviness like waves, crashing forth in big booms and receding into somber melodious parts as a consistent staple.

No Beyond (For No One)” makes for a grand opening to the album, as it steadily broaches the vast musical influence of this album, covering several styles and feelings in just the first track. Beginning with slow, fuzzy Doom riffs, conveying melancholy through the down turned melody and sluggish drums, before adopting an elated, grand riff line that shifts the emotion entirely. The intro has a monumental sound, everything feels huge in its steady pace. The song whiplashes into a blasting frenzy of speeding riffs and attacking drums, and the vocals enter as an integrated coarse shout. In an excellent moment, the grand riff from the beginning is brought back with chugging bass and harder hitting drums before it blast beats through to a sudden end.

Oscillating” is a clash of Doom, Black and Death elements, the deep throaty vocals amp up the intensity created by the sweeping guitar riffs whilst the drums move between Black Metal inspired blasts and slower Doom groove. The track lends itself mainly to the instrumentation, the vocals being a rarely used side character, and the music is engrossing it pulled me in to feel every beat, every push and drag in the composition, the music drops out to sparse guitar playing and light hits of drums, a pause which feels like the drawing in of a breath before it crashes back in, all the instruments in unison.

The titular track “Where Voices Leave No Echo” is a mighty track of epic proportions. The repeated chugging opening is a fantastic opener, and it only gets better with the addition of a rumbling double bass section. The biting guitars that swoop under and over the clean blast beats give this song its expansive sound, which the band plays around with by dropping the denseness with the up beat drums over fuzzy guitar feedback.

This is an insanely good debut that sets the foundation for a hopefully long and successful career. HORNS OF DOMINATION play with the genres of Black Metal and Doom like putty in their hands, the songs are expertly crafted with equal amounts push and pull, making for an engaging and exciting listen. The production shines brightly with the fantastic warm drum sound and expansive guitars, that turn the quietest moments huge, and the cohesive mix, creating a great density. The whole album has a broad sound and its engulfing.  Fantastic riffs and drum parts, with an understated vocal performance that lends itself to the instrumentation, resulting in a timeless album that always sounds amazing.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. No Beyond (For No One)
2. Vanish
3. Untamed
4. Oscillating
5. Cold Breath
6. Where Voices Leave No Echo
7. Die Here, In Solitude
8. Throne of Ecstasy
S.E. - Drums, Effects
D.P. - Effects, Guitars
C.G. - Guitars, Vocals
Record Label: Sepulchral Voice Records


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