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Hornwood Fell - My Body, My Time

Hornwood Fell
My Body, My Time
by Bradley Karr at 10 January 2018, 9:49 AM

HORNWOOD FELL is an avantgarde black metal band from Italy. The band formed in 2013, and sees each release as an evolution in their sound. “My Body, My Time” makes the bands third outing. Avantgarde metal is a good term for HORNWOOD FELL, as you listen to their albums you can tell they are experimenting with sound to make you feel something. Sometimes it lands, other times if falls flat.

The opening track “The Returned” begins with a torrent of guitar riffs and drum beats. The guitar strives and succeeds to be melodic, and interesting. However, the drum beat seems out of place in the song, like it is drumming for an entirely different song. The vocals and guitar work well together throughout the song, and there are times when the drums blend with the song to make a coherent sound. Halfway through the song this happens, and it all fits nicely together. Unfortunately, the general listener may not get to the most interesting parts of the song, towards the end where it shines, because they may be turned off by the odd drum beats at the beginning.

“The Passage” has very strong vocals and some very cool things go on with sound. The guitar is really on point and you feel the emotion within the song. The drums still feel a little out of place in places throughout the song, but not as much as the other tracks on the album. With this song Hornwood Fell give listeners a long taste of instrumental music between vocals that at times conveys urgency, and other times sadness. This song alone is worth giving the album a chance.

When “The Livid Body” started I was surprised. Not because it’s a strange song, actually the complete opposite. This song sounded more like a “traditional” black metal song. By this point I had gotten so used to the bands avantgarde style that hearing them do something more mainstream threw me off. However, this song does show that this band can hold its own even with a more conventional sound.

No where on the album is the band’s diversity in one song felt more than with the last song “Hidden Land”. I really liked this song for all the different things it accomplished during its run time. The beginning is some great music, then if ramps up into the style by now you are used to from HORNWOOD FELL. It doesn’t feel out of place, or forced in this song as it did in previous tracks, it just flows. Anyone listening would do themselves a disservice to not at least give this song a chance.

Overall, I enjoyed the bands new album. The odd drum beats threw me off on my first listen, but I got used to it on successive listens.  HORNWOOD FELL utilizes sound to give you an experience. Many people are not going to like it. Several will stop listening on the first track. However, I think those that stick around, and listen will find something both good and abrasive. A sound that pushes all their buttons, the good ones and the bad.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. The Returned
2. Her Name
3. Dark Cloak
4. Passage
5. Run Through
6. The Livid Body
7. Hidden Land
Marco Basili – Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Andrea Basili – Drums
Record Label: Avantgarde Music


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