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Horricane - The End's Facade (CD)

The End's Facade
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 14 May 2009, 7:01 PM

Estonia the country that gave birth to great bands like LOITS and the cult death metallers DECEASE. It was nice to come across one more Estonian band, since the musicians I know from there are really few. This country has given me a few, but great examples of Metal. Let's see if HORRICANE will continue this tradition…

Formed in 2002, the Estonian unit debuted in 2004 with its The Lynch Lawyers' Death Squad demo. Soon after the release, they managed to sign a contract with the Swedish Black Mark for the release of their debut full-length album The Lynch-Lawyers. Contact between them and their label started to fade, so after a mutual termination of their contract, they prepared and released the self financed sophomore effort The End's Facade.

Even though these guys have spent their own money to record, promote and distribute this release, the work they have done is more than great! A jewel case CD that you rarely even see from a professional label. This made a really good impression on me from the very first time I got this album for a review. What about their music now?

The band is really close to what it claims. Mid paced Death Metal with threatening keyboard melodies that create a really dark vibe. Imagine a modern Death Metal band that has a bit of the old school brutality, but filters all of its Death Metal influences and adds a more Progressive touch on top of all this. Imagine a mixture between GOJIRA, MESHUGGAH, SAMAEL (they even play a cover song of this band in this album) and a lot of Death Metal. These guys have some really beautiful ideas that nail you down with crushing riffs and monstrous vocals, but there are some times that they lose it and your attention is driven away from this album. I believe they should just work a bit more on the song structures. Not to be good, to be better!

The sound that dresses The End's Facade is also heavy as fuck, adding even more beauty to the overall result. I guess that modern metalheads (if such a term exists) should definitely check them out, since I am sure they will find many interesting things in this album. The rest of you classic metalheads better stay away.

3 Star Rating

Civilizations Collide
Chromatic Zone
The End's Facade
The Devil Hides In The Fumes
Aviophobic Fluid State
Perimeter Of Hate
Psychotic Rage
Rain (SAMAEL Cover)
ERX - Vocals
ANZ - Guitar
WRZ - Guitar
VX - Bass
MDX - Drums
DZDZ - Keyboards
Record Label: Private


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