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Horrid - Blasphemic Creatures Award winner

Blasphemic Creatures
by Alex Blaza at 08 September 2014, 2:26 AM

Well I was looking forward to reviewing this EP very much because I love listening to Death Metal especially Death Metal from mainland Europe as Horrid are from Italy according to their band page.

The opening track started out very sinister as it started with an intro of pure silence except for a few dogs barking in the distance. Now to me that sounds like a good theme for a horror film and that is what Death metal is; in fact all of Heavy Metal has a horror aspect to it as the very first Heavy Metal song ‘Black Sabbath’ is a very scary song as I was frightened to listen to it when I was 16. This is no different, it starts off with a very horrifying soundtrack to dogs howling, lightning being struck and straight after an ear blistering guitar riff kicks in with some drums which can wake patients awake who are in a coma and a bass track that can start an earthquake. And straight after that you hear the demonic sounding vocals playing over. All of this together to me is a symphony of evil; and I love that. But the part of this song I really love is the guitar riff which is played after 2:29 and before the bridge. It was that good it made my ears focus in on it and gave me Goosebumps it was that good.

The second track, The Prophecy, starts off with a bass and guitar riff you would expect to hear on an album by the band Death; but that is no bad thing because they have not copied them or ripped them off in anyway; but this track is a fast paced adrenaline pumping track that would start a mosh pit anywhere you played it; if this was played to old people in an old people’s home they would probably get out their Zimmer frames and starts a wall of death and start a circle pit around their Werther’s originals. And one again to keep the audience intrigued with the song they have another great guitar riff playing at 2:21 and this is the second song by these guys that I really like just because of one guitar riff in a song. Plus I love listening to these guys because they have a sound that is unique, original and memorable. I just cannot believe I have not heard of these guys before; I am glad my editor sent me the link to these guys music of this album.

Track 3 ‘Is God Worthy Of You’ is a true Death Metal song; it is fast, powerful, exciting and scary. Also like most Death Metal bands like Deicide, Morbid Angel, Death, Vital remains, Bolt Thrower and Cannibal Corpse these guys write about subjects which we as a society would rather choose to ignore and the topics they write about are about things which have always been shoved down our throat at an early age like Christianity and these guys are pretty much confronting that with this track. It is an awesome track which I thoroughly recommend to Metalheads because I love this EP and will be listening to more stuff by this band ad it is a typical Death Metal song; it is fast, technical, aggressive and will totally p*** off middle America with an EP like this.

Last track is the title track of this EP; Blasphemic creatures. In all honesty I would listen to this track no matter what just by the title of the track, it is the sort of name of a CD you wouldn’t show to your mother just incase she thought you were into Satanism because you lisrten to a band like this; but that is what attracts people to not only to this band but to Death Metal in fact Heavy Metal in general as it is a horror genre of music. Also I love this track as well because it just plain awesome but it would probably scare the living crap out of teenagers who have just started listening to Heavy Metal and the music in this song is quite groovey for a Death Metal track when it starts off and then 30 seconds in it speeds up woth fanatical guitar work, blast beating snare drums and monster sounding vocals. And it is like that for the entire song which is brilliant.

According to Horrid’s bandpage on they have been going since 1998 and they are not a big band at all here. Well they have a new fan here because not only are they a great Death Metal band but they are a great Heavy Metal band, full stop. I am going to use a Top Gear analogy; Heavy Metal music is like the two car firms Alfa Romeo and TVR, because ike Alfa Romeo it has the soul and the passion. And like TVR it is really loud, really fast and will probably burst into flames. Horrid is exactly what that analogy is describing. So for that I am going to give them  a 10/10.

5 Star Rating

1. Misunderstood God
2. The Prophecy
3. Is God Worthy Of You
4. Blasphemic Creature
Belfagor - Guitars
Eligor - Bass
Dagon - Vocals
Vapula - Drums
Record Label: Dunkelheit Produktionen


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