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Horrid - Reborn In Sin (Reissue)

Reborn In Sin (Reissue)
by Garrett Davis at 13 June 2016, 4:50 PM

Italian band HORRID kicks off this album with the eponymous track "Reborn in Sin”; launching into fierce drumbeats with an evil wailing screech in the background. In "Your Lying Eyes" the drums start slow but find their unholy rhythm quickly enough, and at some points the drums and guitar go back and forth almost like a duel between instruments. "Battle in the Skies" gives up a bit of the chaos for a few moments, at times to build up the tension for the next wave of brutal shredding. "Forbidden Desire" adds in some distortion and splits off with distinct guitar playing that flies above the hardcore drumming and savage bass.

"Away from Christ" fades in and out mid-note, as if the connection is lost, adding a disturbing and jarring separation between the music and the listener; which I thought was pretty unique. "Evil's Invocation" begins with some light and airy horn blowing, only to get stomped by the savage music, as if in rejection of the more peaceful and pure things in life. "Immortal Passion" shows off the more technical skills of the band members by suddenly altering the tempo at seemingly random points but maintaining the flow of the piece rather than coming to a full stop. "Passage to Eternity" is the shortest piece, barely a minute and a half in length, and starts with the sound of wind blowing across a barren desert before launching into a piece that is much slower than most of the album but with a distinct flavour unique to itself. I would have liked to hear more of HORRID, but all in all this was a good album by a band I hadn't been exposed to before now. Bravo guys, keep up the brutal work.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 5
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

  1. Reborn in Sin
  2. Your Lying Eyes
  3. Battle in the Skies
  4. Forbidden Desire
  5. Away From Christ
  6. Evil's Invocation
  7. Immortal Passion
  8. Passage to Eternity
Dagon - Bass, Vocals
Alastor - Guitars
Eligor- Drums
Belfagor - Guitars
Record Label: The Spew Records


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