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Horrid - Sacrilegious Fornication

Sacrilegious Fornication
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 14 July 2014, 10:05 AM

An ancient band with an ancient sound, that’s what Italian HORRID is about on their new album “Sacrilegious Fornication”. But take a deep hearing on their music and you’ll get surprised.

They are active since 1989, and to be on the road for all this time, and keeping their music this way is a very difficult thing, mind you all. It’s an Old School Death Metal on the vein of Old ENTOMBED, GRAVE and DISMEMBER, a music aggressive and heavy as hell, sometimes faster, others slower, but always heavy and with some personal touches in the middle of the grunts, distorted riffs and pretty simple rhythmic basis. And with the special appearance of Johan Jansson, former vocalist from CENTINEX, on “The Fire of Impenitence”.

The recoding was done by Tomas Skogsberg (yes, the very same producer from old Swedish Death Metal bands, famous for the jigsaw guitar sound from them), and Ossian (maybe the guitarist from OPERA IX) on mixing. And the sound is putrid and aggressive, with no mercy from your ears.

Take a hearing on tracks like “Vortex of Primordial Chaos”, the violent Death Metal puke “Necromancy”, and “Blood on Satan’s Claw”, to have an idea of what they’re about.

Nothing new at all, but good.

3 Star Rating

1. Sacrilegious Fornication
2. Vortex of Primordial Chaos
3. Necromancy
4. Demonic Sadocarnage
5. Blood on Satan’s Claw
6. The Fire of Impenitence
7. Diocletianic Persecution
8. Goddess of Heretical Perversity
Max – Vocals, Bass
Belfagor – Guitars
Riccardo – Drums
Record Label: Dunkelheit Produktionen


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