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Horrified - In The Garden Of The Unearthly Delights (CD)

In The Garden Of The Unearthly Delights
by Panagiotis Koutsompogeras at 05 February 2006, 4:16 PM

This is the re-issue of Horrified's classic, In The Garden Of The Unearthly Delights, which first came out in 1993. When this album was initially released, the response was amazing and they were named by many people as the new hope of Greek Death Metal.
From the first Eastern type melodies of the opening track The Awakening the band introduces us to its melodic, mysterious, almost occult style of Death Metal and this journey goes on for the rest of the album. The lead guitar parts are exceptional at certain points and help raise the record to a higher plateau as tey match with the whole atmosphere. The band's attitude on the whole is lyrical, brutal but also experimental at the same time. There are many tempo changes which create a serious interest for the album while the aggressiveness of the voice is really a callout for all the melodic Death metallers. You can not really say that all the songs are truly unique and exceptional, due to the fact that there are a few not that interesting songs but that does't really matter in the whole assessment. The band's influences by Rotting Christ are somewhat obvious for the semi-experienced ear but that is not something negative.
The bonus tracks are an extra challenge for the potential buyer as they increase the whole interest for this album. The addition of female vocals at several points, create an atmospheric orchestral background and form an avant-garde amalgam of elements for the entire Death Metal scene. This style on Horrified's In The Garden Of The Unearthly Delights album is mostly followed and endorsed by a majority of the new Death Metal bands.
Ok, to sum it up, if you are into the genre of Melodic Death Metal and you like sonic experimentations then the In The Garden Of The Unearthly Delights album will hunt your dreams for many ages and will be one of the ideal atmospheric partners for you.
- Album Highlights: The Awakening, Baptized In Venereal Blood, Dancing Next To Dying Souls, Seperial Dominion and Altars Of The Abyss.

3 Star Rating

The Awakening
Early Dawn Enraged
Cawling Silence
Dawn At The Valley Of The Great Encounter
Dying Forest
Baptized In Venereal Blood
Poetry Of War
Unbridled God
Dancing Next To Dying Souls
Seperial Dominion
Astral Submersion
Beyond The Chaos
Eternal God
Altars Of The Abyss
Etah Morena
Gore - Vocals
Stavros - Guitar
Timos - Guitar
Stelios - Drums
Thanos - Bass
Record Label: Black Lotus Records


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