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Horrorwish – No Place To Hide

No Place to Hide
by William Travers at 01 June 2020, 5:54 PM

Gio Smet is known for his previous works within other bands, as well as for collaborations with some well-known names such as PRIMAL FEAR and AVANTASIA. However, back in 2019 he decided to merge two of his favourite things, the Horror genre and Heavy Metal. Now, there have been some Horror Metal bands circulating for some time, the likes of WEDNESDAY 13 and MURDERDOLLS spring to mind. However, Gio’s concept is different, he wants to combine known horror tales into his music and thus, we saw born, HORRORWISH.

Springing quickly into action Gio started working on his music and in April 2020 his debut, independent album was released. Now, whilst Gio may have recorded everything himself, he has since began recruiting for band members due to the success of the album. So, without further ado, let’s begin. The artwork is what one would expect with a name such as HORRORWISH, a spectral face appearing in a window… It gives in to the genre quite nicely I would say.

The intro is disturbing, with an ominous effect created through dissonant notes, ghoulish voices singing nursery rhymes, subtle screams and an overlaid deep monologue proclaiming that the listener is unaware of what is behind them. Flying full throttle into “My Horrorwish” with energy and enthusiasm. It is very upbeat, catchy and enjoyable to listen to. The musicianship is of a very standard, effective use of layering and the heavy driving bass create a sound that I would say are very similar to that of NIGHTWISH, well maybe minus the symphonic elements that they mastered.

Whilst “No Place To Hide” may initially start slower, the music compensates with density. Deep booming bass lines and heavy guitars. The pace picks up inline with a motif being played through the guitar, pay attention to this as it will become a theme of the song. As the track continues one can
almost imagine someone trying to run and discovering that there is no where for them to go.

Catapulting forwards into “Game of Torture” and the instant intensity is palpable. With a raucous opening riff, pounding rhythm we are thrust into this track. The energy built so far throughout the album is continue in earnest. With a more deliberate opening, pounding drum lines, energetic and intense riffs, “Deadly Sinners” drives forwards, with a vocal line that crowds will undoubtedly cry along to in anthem. With the pre-chorus segments reminding me very much of Alexi Laiho’s vocal line in “Angels Don’t Kill”.

“Hatesick” comes marching in through the drum line, with the walking bass line moving forwards as they layers of instruments build around it. Whilst the track is slower than the others to this point, it has a marked effect by the deceleration adding a level of intensity before It picks up in the later stages. With impressive guitar runs, use of synths and the driving double bass. Finally, with “Man In Dreams” a use of synths during the introduction before the kick in of the reminder of the instruments creates an ethereal sense of dread. The track continues with a steady and deliberate drive before picking up for a final flourish before the record ends.

Overall, I would say that this is a strong debut for HORRORWISH and I look forward to seeing the band and their sound build on this firm foundation with the stylistic diversity and ideas that come from the addition of members.

Song writing: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Welcome To My Nightmare
2. My Horrorwish
3. No Place To Hide
4. Demon From Below
5. Whispering Truth
6. Reaching For Peace Of Mind
7. Game Of Torture
8. The Ghost Of Lady V
9. Deadly Sinners
10. Beastly Thoughts
11. Hatesick
12. Desperate Calling
13. Man In Dreams
Giovanni Smet – Everything
Record Label: Independent


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