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Hosts of Lord - Prophetic Visions of Harrowing Despair

Hosts of Lord
Prophetic Visions of Harrowing Despair
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 18 June 2020, 12:39 AM

Black Metal always brings some surprises for those who really know and understand its ways and history. Today, there are many bands that hail the past, but that are trying to build something new and fresh. And the USA has a strong school for the genre since the 90’s, and HOSTS OF LORD comes to make its name known with “Prophetic Visions of Harrowing Despair”.

In the deeper sense of the term, this one man band works with a nasty and brutal form of Black Metal, with some fast and aggressive parts with a brutal impact, but with some darkened and introspective parts as well. It’s like rewriting the past with a different insight, with energy and that crude aggressiveness. But these high pitches vocals are something that wasn’t heard before. If it’s the natural shrieks of Μαθθίας, he created a personal way of singing. The sonority is where some adjusts must be done on future releases, because it’s truly in an Old School trend, aggressive and raw. But it was done in a form that turns the comprehension of what is being played a bit difficult. The band can have such musical impact with a cleaner sonority, but keeping such instrumental tunes.

For Black Metal fans, the band’s musical work will show a great darkened appeal. And songs as “Scroll of Wailing and Lamentations” (the slow funereal parts can hypnotize the listener due its very good guitar riffs), “Scourged Venemous Creatures” (another massive Black Metal attack, with extreme fast tempos, but with good melodies on some moments), “Skeletal Beings Walked the Cryptic Valley” (good and solid rhythm contrasts are created by bass guitar and drums), “I Beheld a Clash of Otherworldly Entities” (extreme fast parts, but on different tempos), and “Horrific Plagues at the End of Time” are the best shots, although the band’s musical potential could be used in a better way (because the best of its music still is inside Μαθθίας’s heart).

HOSTS OF LORD is a very good band, indeed, and just need to work better the sonority in the future. For now, “Prophetic Visions of Harrowing Despair” will be praised by many Black Metal fans, indeed.

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Scroll of Wailing and Lamentations
2. Scourged Venemous Creatures
3. A Haze of Prophetic Ecstasy
4. Skeletal Beings Walked the Cryptic Valley
5. I Beheld a Clash of Otherworldly Entities
6. Tormenting Anguish of Distant Ancestors
7. Horrific Plagues at the End of Time
Μαθθίας - Vocals, All Instruments
Record Label: Independent


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