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Hoth – The Black Goddess Return

The Black Goddess Return
by SamiiMittelstaedt at 22 August 2015, 12:24 PM

There are many bands when you listen you associate their song with film type or a specific movie. BLIND GUARDIAN, of course, not only the songs but the lyrics you remembers Lord Of the Rings movie. RHAPSODY OF FIRE, you associate with medieval and/or epic songs. And I’m listening for the twice the Portuguese band called SamiiMittelstaedt. They’re releasing by Iron, Blood and Death Corporation the third full-length called “The Black Goddess Return” and their tracks remembers me a lot these old horror movies.

J.A. (aka DECAYED and ALASTOR) did everything in this band, since the lyrics until the vocals and instruments. And him it’s an affluent musician in Portuguese Black Metal scene. He featured in most bands and HOTH was founded in 1988. With satanic lyrics, dark atmosphere, he did a cliché Black Metal. It’s sad, because you expect more coming from high level musician as J.A. is. OK, he’s very talented – the guitar solos are amazing, the drums are killer and the vocals the most Satanic thing ever I heard. But, generally, I think it’s missing something to make the song different than others. When you start to listen the whole album, you can guess the others songs only listening three of four initial tracks.

Unfortunately, J.A. and his HOTH did all the same in “The Black Goddess Return” highlighting with the songs “Worlds Of Old”, “The Black Goddess” and “ Celebration Of Bastet”. It’s a sad fact to know this album was made for a veteran musician as J.A. is. HOTH wasn't able to be snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

2 Star Rating

1. The Reaping Intro
2. Angel Slayer
2. Angel Slayer
3. Words Of Old
4. Real of Fire
5. Upon The Sacred Hill
6. The Hellrider
7. Celebration Of Bastet
8. Shades of Black
9. God of Wrath
10. The Dragons Breath
11. The Black Goddess
12. Demons Enthral All Deceivers
J.A. – Everything
Record Label: Iron, Blood & Death Corporation


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