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Hour Of 13 - 333

Hour Of 13
by Eric "Carnegie" Hall at 20 July 2012, 1:05 AM

Oh Satan, you old dog. Every time I think I’ve heard the last song about you and your mischief, someone else swoops in like an overly enthusiastic falcon towards a bald man and proves me wrong. Not that I particularly hate being wrong, as any woman will be anxious to let you know – but on this topic I’d prefer to be right. I’d also like to be paid millions of dollars to do nothing, but that won’t happen, either.

I bring up that old former angel for a reason. Specifically, how HOUR OF 13 must have missed the memo about how we’ve pretty much said the final word on the dark lord and his wily antics. Not that it’s their only topic covered in the album, “333”, but it might as well be. Yes, yes, yes, we’ve all heard songs about denying crosses, have anything else to say?

I’m being unfair, and for that I apologize. In all honesty, the music itself is not bad. I found the distinct tone of the guitars to be quite enjoyable, like an overdriven ice cream sandwich injected into my ear canal. But, enjoyable guitar timbre aside, the rest is mostly forgettable. If decent guitar soloing had the power to kill tumours, then I imagine this lead work might be able to shrink the bastard a bit until chemo can take effect. By that, it’s simply not at all remarkable.

The last thing of note concerns the vocalist. Listen to this band for five minutes and tell me he doesn’t sound like Ozzy Osbourne stuck in a deep depression because Sharon ate the last ho-ho. The vocals are completely lacking in enthusiasm, energy, power, or bravado. It’s the most boring, monotonous vocal work since Stephen Hawking sang the national anthem at the Yankees season opener.

So, it seems like I walk away feeling let down once again. Damnit. But I can see why they would have fans. It’s not terrible music by any stretch of the imagination. It’s simply just lacking that abstract quality Metal music needs. Let’s call it “mujambo”.

2 Star Rating

1. Deny the Cross
2. The Burning
3. Rite of Samhain
4. Spiral Vacuum
5. Who’s to Blame
6. Sea of Trees
7. Lucky Bones
Chad Davis– Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals
Phil Swanson- Vocals
Record Label: Earache Records


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