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House Of Lords – New World – New Eyes Award winner

House Of Lords
New World – New Eyes
by Quinten Serna at 14 August 2020, 8:11 PM

Of a substance or idea wholesome and unique, music is state of mind which transcends all manners of time and location, existing outside the confines of expectation and reality. Just the mere mention of such a feat is an achievement to which few could ever match, and yet HOUSE OF LORDS has managed release of their 12th studio album to date current—much better than any formal title could ever convey, is the sheer versatility, dynamics, and quality of “New World – New Eyes.”

Commencing with the title track, “New World – New Eyes” immediately wrests the attention of the audience through pounding kick and bluegrass licks, before the song kicks off into the heavier modulation one would expect. “One More” is all things classic and compelling, sounding that it’s straight out of the 70s, with a matching solo to boot. 6th on the listing, “Chemical Rush,” changes the formula a bit shifting to a more removed and almost funk like progression wherein the guitars are tacet and ringing, the drums bounce in and out of attention, and the bass accentuates the subtle groove; the chorus of "Chemical Rush"—which segues the solo—plays over and over inciting sensations of compulsion and obsession, the phaser-laden guitar and anthemic snare further drive this. “We’re All That We Got” commences with clean arpeggios before transitioning to heavier modulations, the chorus is something infectious and powerful staying with you days after the song has ended. “Better Off Broken” changes the usual procession once more to something a bit more involving and intricate, wherein each instruments feels and sound that it was crafted and constructed around the passage of one another, the guitars dancing between the grooves, the vocals building off the crescendo and diminuendos of the instruments, and the bass pulsing in step with every beat.

The instruments are of a particular quality where experience certainly has lent its hand towards construction and performance; each of the instrumentations is something of a perfected piece, such that the precision and accuracy of each strike, strum, and sung note is eerie and outstanding. The guitars range between Bluegrass, sweet and clean, crunch and classic, and astoundingly overdriven; the bass is a constant beating in each track laying down the foundation and building off the groove in the process; the drums are solid, strong, and heavy hitting accentuating kick and snare every now and then giving the whole of the album a classic Rock n’ Roll feel to it; lastly, the vocals are something of an amazing caliber crafted in deference to each track, and woven in implicit intricacies.

New World – New Eyes” is an album that just about near everyone can get into at least in some capacity, and apart from that makes a great addition to the discography of the band proving that good bands continue to grow. For anyone with any manner of interests in heavy hitting, classic sounding, vocally lucid, and driven tunes then this album is an obsequious acquisition.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. New World – New Eyes
2. Change (What’s It Gonna Take)
3. One More
4. Perfectly (You And I)
5. The Both Of Us
6. Chemical Rush
7. We’re All That We Got
8. Better Off Broken
9. $5 Buck Of Gasoline
10. The Chase
11. The Summit
Record Label: Frontiers Music Srl


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