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House of Lords - Indestructible Award winner

House Of Lords
by MarcusTheRocker at 27 May 2015, 9:25 PM

If you asked me to name the world’s greatest record label in today’s music business, I wouldn’t be able to give you a straight answer as there are some good ones and bad ones. Some have great music and great artists whereas others may not and being a music journalist, you hear so many from different labels that it’s hard to pinpoint and choose your all time favorite label. This statement is true for me as I have a few labels who I enjoy getting material from such as Massacre Records, Nuclear Blast Records, SPV Records and AFM Records to name a few. These labels have given me some good music to listen to so far so I can’t really find any fault with the artists on their roster but wait, isn’t there one I forgot to mention? Isn’t there a label that I like who have a band that I am featuring in this review? I do believe there is and that label is Frontiers Records who have some of the greatest Melodic and Hard Rock artists in the business and today I am reviewing the new album from one of their artists who are called HOUSE OF LORDS.

Formed in 1988 in Los Angeles in the USA, HOUSE OF LORDS have had a varying number of line ups over the years with a few different guitarists, drummers and keyboard players coming and going but the vocalist has never changed. From 1993 to 2000, there was a seven year break up period for the band and after a few legal fights over the rights to the name of the band, they reformed in 2000 and started recording new material. 2004 was the year they signed onto the mighty Frontiers Records and they have stuck with this label ever since.

The number of releases they have under their belt currently stands at 12 including one compilation, a live album and ten studio albums which includes their soon to be released new album “Indestructible” and it’s now time for me to dive into this release and give my verdict.

I am familiar with a large number of artists on the Frontiers label but have only reviewed or heard music from a small handful, and HOUSE OF LORDS are one of those bands who I know exist but never really got around to hearing before which of course changed today so is my first experience with this band a memorable experience? The answer to this question is yes and in the good sense but then, when you get something from the Frontiers label, you know you are in good hands as you always get quality material.

“Indestructible” is not only the band’s tenth album but also the album that celebrates ten years of their current line-up as well. Running in at around 51 minutes across 11 new songs, the new HOUSE OF LORDS release combines a good mixture of heavy and melodic music with some tunes kicking your ass with their heavy melodies and others making you feel a bit more relaxed with their soft melodic melodies and some combine elements of heavy and melodic melodies at the same time so there is plenty to enjoy.

Some examples of these enjoyable diverse melodies include “100MPH” which is the type of song that you could crank loud while driving either on a real road or a virtual one, “We Will Always Be One” which is a soft and beautiful melodic ballad, the powerful opening number “Go To Hell” which is a strong song to start off this album with, the catchy “Call My Bluff” which has some powerful melodies that range from heavy to melodic, “Eye Of The Storm” which is another one of this albums beautiful tracks, “Stand And Deliver” which is a pretty cool little number and let us not forget the pretty sweet title track “Indestructible”.

The production on this release is pretty sweet too as each part has been engineered and mixed quite well meaning that the music is enjoyable whatever the song. The elements that go into this album are done just right including the guitars which are perfectly tuned for each song meaning they can be heavy one minute and soft and melodic the next, the keyboard melodies add a bit of extra pizzazz and excellence to the music, the rhythm section that is the bass and drums add in their own unique touch to the melodies and lastly the vocals have their own unique style too with an enjoyable performance to boot.

Bottom line, the new album from HOUSE OF LORDS is pretty much what you expect from a release on the Frontiers label but that is by no means a bad thing of course as you are always guaranteed enjoyable music every time and this album is just one of those fine examples. Highly recommended for any fan of this band, the Frontiers label or just great music in general.

4 Star Rating

1. Go To Hell
2. Indestructible
3. Pillar Of Salt
4. 100MPH
5. Call My Bluff
6. We Will Always Be One
7. Die To Tell
8. Another Dawn
9. Eye Of The Storm
10. Ain’t Suicidal
11. Stand And Deliver
James Christian - Vocals
Jimi Bell - Guitar
Chris McCarvill - Bass
BJ Zampa - Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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