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House Of Lords - The Power And The Myth (CD)

House Of Lords
The Power And The Myth
by Grigoris Chronis at 30 December 2004, 8:57 AM

There's a strong bond between three bands that all left their notable mark in the engraved book of melodic Hard Rock music. It was Angel's pomp/AOR vibe in the mid 70's to mid 80's, it was Giuffria's cinema/AOR blend in the mid-to-late 80's, it was House Of Lords' Melodic/Hard mix from the late 80's and onwards. Gregg Giuffria, a unique talent, was featured in all three bands and it's with great sadness I see he is not included in this fourth House Of Lords release after all.
I admit I had lost contact with the band after their - as always - brilliant Demons Down album back in 1992. It's tough to try and keep in mind updates concerning musicians who know nearly every single similar-style artist/band in the entire globe and participate/form/reform/try hundreds of projects; most of them falling apart after 100 days… Anyway, I'd definitely learn - like now - any possible new cut from this 'Heavy' pomp band, featuring an endless list of 'star' artists in its ranks. Gregg Giuffria, James Christian, Chuck Wright, Ken Mary, Lanny Cordola, Michael Guy can build an all-star band by themselves while rehearsing or recording contributions for virtuosos like Chris Impellitteri, Rick Nielsen, Doug Aldrich, David Glenn Eisley, Steve Plunkett and Steve Isham, Ron Keel, Paul Stanley, Jake Lee can put you in the picture of the band's abilities. Ok, where's the music now?
Frontiers grabbed this band too  - I wonder what else we can expect from this label - and The Power And The Myth shines bright, ready for the test drive. Well, after 4-5 listening sessions it's obvious that this album is not bad, but it could definitely be far better than what's presented here. The absence of Gregg is so apparent - even if the well-known Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater), Alan Okuye (Rat Bat Blue), Sven Martin (Tattoo) and Ricky Phillips (Bad English, Styx) handle the keyboard duties now - resulting in a wanna-be radio friendly prog/pomp/melodic album with elements of inner misery at times. It's not 1989 anymore, we know that…
Mystical ballads cooperate with infamous tones of enriched keyboard work, whereas differential rhythm tempos cut up to a level of irrelevant mixery. Got it? No. Well, neither did I. It's hard to write down this specific review, since there's a weird feeling of something unaccomplished floating around. Cordola's riff mastering sounds classical to my ears, even if I'd expect something a little bit more 'fresh' by the chords/experience of Mr. Christian.
The band's heyday lies in the first two masterpieces, with Demons Down following one inch below. The Power And The Myth subsequently grades itself as fourth, depicting some 'modern' ingredients in the general sensation of all-classic songwriting music mode. It's good, it's a good comeback, but nothing more. I missed Gregg and I just remembered it's been years since I last enjoyed Giuffria's self titled album (1986). Here it is, roll it… Do me right tonight…Do me right tonight…!

3 Star Rating

All Is Gone
Am I The Only One
Living In Silence
The Power And The Myth
The Rapture
The Man Who I Am
Bitter Sweet Euphoria
Mind Trip
Child Of Rage
James Christian - Vocals
Lanny Cordola - Guitars
Ken Mary - Drums
Chuck Wright - Bass
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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