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How to Disappear Completely - Daughters of Eve

How to Disappear Completely
Daughters of Eve
by Cami Kyttle at 07 October 2014, 9:18 PM

HOW TO DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY’s new album "Daughters of Eve", is pretty good, but needs some help. This album starts off with "Salt of the Earth," which is an extremely angry and hardcore tune. This song is heavy and edgy in the beginning and then turns light and melodic in the chorus. The heavy parts are perfect for a pit to erupt during a live show, although they can be slightly difficult to understand. However, during a live show with people moshing, understanding the lyrics won't be a priority.

"Closer to Me" is on the opposite side of the spectrum. There is no yelling or growling in this song, just pure singing. I do think the vocals could be louder on this song.

The song that caught my eye upon looking at this album was "Cucumber Melon". This song is like "Closer to Me", as in it is a light song without yelling. Again, I think the vocals could be louder; it was very difficult for me to decipher the lyrics without really focusing on the words. However, the band does coordinate very well with the vocalist.

“Prozac Smile” is purely instrumental until about the two-minute mark. The vocalist then comes in with a dark sound that almost appears to be put through a filter. It is a really cool affect used to create emotion through song. This is a long song at just about six and a half minutes. It is complete with light, melodic singing that transcends into a deep, angry growl during the chorus.

The title track of this album "Daughters of Eve” is almost ten minutes long. There are no real words, just instruments and background noise until about a minute and a half. The background sound on this song is extremely simple, which would be perfect to showcase the vocalist if his part was broadcast better.

HOW TO DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY’s new album is good, but could use some work. I think the band and vocalist is a perfect match, but the production seems a bit off. The band overpowers the vocalist a lot, which ruins the songs. It makes the singer difficult to understand. This band is on the right track, but I think they will excel more during live shows than in CD sales.

3 Star Rating

1. Salt of the Earth
2. Outpatient
3. Closer to Me
4. Cucumber Melon
5. A Call (in)to Arms
6. Nightmaring
7. Fall like Love
8. Bella
9. Prozac Smile
10. 'Riss
11. Matriarch
12. Daughters of Eve
James Bailey - Vocals, Guitar
Thomas Calandra - Bass
Ian MacNeil - Drums
Devon Robillard - Keyboard, Violin
Kyle Heath - Guitar
Record Label: The Path Less Traveled Records


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