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Howlin' Sun - Howlin' Sun

Howlin' Sun
Howlin' Sun
by The Corpse Painted Pegacorn at 05 March 2018, 8:27 AM

HOWLIN SUN released their self titled album February 2, 2018 via Apollon Records. This is the first full length album for the four piece hailing from Bergen, Norway who have been jamming together for a number of years already. HOWLIN' SUN creates a colorful soundscape of vintage inspired rock that spans from a gritty bluesy garage rock to mind bending psychedelic riffs. With their debut they have packed a plethora of catchy licks, walking bass lines, and smooth drum beats. There is a sort of unpolished, low-fi, sludgy sound that brings a sense of authenticity and raw emotion to HOWLIN' SUN's sound. The talent is undeniable, and their first album leaves the impression that this band is here to leave their mark.

A spooky, fuzzy organ fades into the laid back groove that is “Hitchhiker Of Love.” Bjelde’s vocals fit nicely overtop. The next track, “Westbound” is heavier and grittier with a powerful wailing guitar solo. “Strange Night” starts off with the sludgy, distorted bluesy licks and transitions to a floating, trip through a tunnel of swirling colors and lights. The heavy section in the middle compelled me to repeat the track a couple of times. The transitions between the moods in the song are slick and well executed, and I have to say of all the tracks on the album this one is my favorite.

The trip continues with “Yellow Lit Road”, “Day-to-Day Blues”, and “Jupiter.” Parallels can be drawn among the three tracks thematically and in sound. All three, have catchy guitar guitar hooks that are sure to draw the listener in from the get. The lyrics are also interesting and memorable. “Nothing Like a Shelter” livens things up with an infectious bit of riffage that will reinvigorate the listener. “The Day that Took My Sunshine Away” brings an interesting track featuring bluesy licks and wailing harmonica. The last track “A Little Bit Of Rain” slows things down with a bluesy southern acoustic guitar sound. The vocals are clean on the track and the melody is memorable and upbeat. This song, while fitting well with the rest of the album adds a nice new flavor to what we have savored thus far from HOWLIN' SUN. HOWLIN' SUN has put out a strong debut album showcasing their acid spiked sound and stealthy musicianship. Their passion shines through, and it will be interesting to see how their sound progresses.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Hitchhiker Of Love
2. Westbound
3. Move
4. Strange Night
5. Yellow Lit Road
6. Day-To-Day Blues
7. Jupiter
8. Nothing Like A Shelter
9. The Day Took My Sunshine Away
10. A Little Bit Of Rain Line
Pieter Ten Napel- Bass
Torgrim Nåmdal- Drums
Magnus Gullachsen- Guitar
Tor-Erik Bjelde- Vocals, Guitar
Record Label: Apollon Records


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