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Hroptatyr – Hroptatyr Award winner

by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 02 September 2014, 4:51 AM

And from Germany, from the region of Bavaria, another band with a name I can’t know the pronunciation, but that do a very good work: HROPTATYR, with their second album, the very good “Hroptatyr”.

Their main style is Viking Metal, with some aspects both from extreme bands and more melodic ones, as a hybrid of TYR and ENSIFERUM, and with some Folk moments in the vein of FINNTROLL, but with a very great difference between them and these Germans: they do not use keyboards or traditional Folk instruments always (just in a few moments), just guitars (with very good riffs, which gave the Viking/Pagan melodies arise), bass, drums (these both creating a very good and heavy rhythmic basis), and vocals (both extreme and clean ones in good shape). Of course the style is eroded by many names that appeared on the last years, but it’s not so similar to other bands, and it’s not a clone. They have personality. It’s powerful, heavy, and really Viking smelling, and with some fast moments here and there.

The sound production is in a very good level, so the album’s sonority is very good, clean as it must be, but sounding heavy, keeping a little touch of dirty necessary to a Metal band. And the Viking/Pagan melodies arise clearly with no problem at all.
The album is very good as a whole, all the songs are fine and beautiful in their way, but you can count these at first hearing as the best ones: “Hroptatyr” and its great guitars melodies (the guitars have an excellent result instead of keyboards) and harsh vocals; the melodic and more introspective (besides the fast moments can trick with our senses) “Verlorene Seelen”; the totally Folk and beautiful “Mannengesang”, and the harsh and Viking “Heimat Der Ahnen” (great melodies and excellent bass and drums!).

A lovely album, and a great work!

5 Star Rating

1. Erwachen
2. Hroptatyr
3. Verlorene Seelen
4. Mannengesang
5. Druidentanz
6. Heimat Der Ahnen
7. Heidenzeit
8. Wiedergeburt
9. Runenschrei
Andi – Vocals
Michi – Vocals, Guitars
Mo – Guitars
Steve – Guitars
Sven – Bass
OD – Drums
Record Label: MDD Records


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