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Huldre - Intet Menneskebarn Award winner

Intet Menneskebarn
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 18 March 2013, 4:56 PM

HULDRE is a Danish Folk Metal band. After six years in the making, since their formation, they released their debut full-length debut called "Intet Menneskabarn“. The band consists of six members with material written and performed in their native Danish language.

“Ulvevinter” opens with a violin right before the madness begins with a heavier, guitar driven, rhythms with impressive riffing. Nanna Barslev's ice cold vocals are quite vibrant, an amazing voice, hypnotising, integrated well with the music. The overhead music is very climatic, even Viking, melodic & heavy joint by various of Folk instruments such as violins, flutes, hurdy-gurdy and lute. There is a somewhat Gothic aura in the vein of bands such as MOONLIGHT and ARTROSIS. This is a starting of a good relationship with this album. The mood keeps up on “Trold”, inflamed with a catchy refrain. “Brandridt”, conveying Viking lore, slashes with a fast pace, sounds of lute and hurdy-gurdy, an energetic track with nice guitars & Celtic oriented thuds, low tuned guitars with a perfectly played rhythm section and a melodic chorus. The violins created a great Folk shakes. In addition, a surplus guitar solo, a rather tranquil outro that is so beautiful with great riffs, moderate violins & hypnotizing voice following the vibe of SACRA ARCANA and DALRIADA. “Gennem Marsken", bearing an energetic chorus section, assembles vastness. “Vaageblus” has that feeling of Doom, spreading fear, distinguished by its creative guitaring and rhythm production. In time it became extreme sinking into ripping Death Metal, highly headbangleable. However, soon afterwards everything calms down into a frightening halt. “Havgus" is a majestic, Viking oriented with strong sounds of Opera. The instrumental “Spillemand”, consisting of traditional kind of music, played with strong riffs and rhythm change and a fantastic climate, sometimes reminding of KORPIKLAANI while “Knoglekvad” travels the same grounds. “Beirblakken”, a Norwegian folk song, portraying a soprano type of voice of the vocalist in the midst of NIGHTWISH songs with low tuned riffing, rather entwined.

This album will be a mere addiction for the genre fans. The music is played with great skill. I love this atmosphere, heavy sounds & of course the Folk implements. The lead vocals are very good composite with heavy riffs. For everyone who doesn't know Scandinavian languages, listening to this album will serve as worthy journey to check out other cultures. I believe that the band could have been way popular if they would have sung in English. I can recommend this album to every Metalhead who enjoys contemporary heavy sounds, Folk Metal and climatic music.

4 Star Rating

1. Ulvevinter
2. Trold
3. Skovpolska
4. Brandridt
5. Gennem Marsken
6. Vaageblus
7. Havgus
8. Spillemand
9. Beirblakken
10. Knoglekvad
11. Skaersild
Nanna Barslev - Vocal
Laura Emilie Beck - Violins
Troels Dueholm Nørgaard – Hurdy-Gurdy and Flutes
Lasse Olufson – Lute and Guitar
Bjarne Kristiansen - Bass
Jacob Lund - Drums
Record Label: Gateway Music


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