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Huldrefolk - Morbide Elite (CD)

Morbide Elite
by Yiannis Doukas at 17 November 2009, 6:43 PM

HULDREFOLK is supposed to be a Black Metal band. And I'm saying this 'cause inside Morbide Elite what we hear is Power Metal riffs and a singer who has a voice that mixes Donald Duck with a hamster when you're kicking it. So obviously, both the band and the record company seem to be kidding us.
The first song, which is the only one worth mentioning here, is mostly an introduction with some death bells. Probably a harbinger of our aesthetics elimination preparing us of what will come. And what follows is an orgy and apotheosis of a ten year old children's maturity regarding Black Metal. The riffing is so melodic that could fit in ABBA records; perfect for a dance floor. Melodies, love, happiness, blissfulness all together with some Barbie dolls. The inspiration is in a bottom level; basically it can't get worse, the music is written in masturbation time, a soundtrack for things like Cinderella and other fairy tales.
The CD has a very good booklet from Waldschrat, guitarist of these Flanders-based Belgians, and it would be rather better for all of them to focus in other kinds of art since in music they are non-existent. So, let's put some points at least for the artwork (and check the best Belgian band which is no other than CYCLONE).

1 Star Rating

Wevenaar Van Lijkenwaden
Klaagzang Der Flagellant
Drang - Vocals
Leshyj - Guitars
Waldschrat - Guitar
Gorth - Bass
Hammerman - Drums
Record Label: Iron Age Records


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