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Human Agony – Putrescence of Calvary

Human Agony
Putrescence of Calvary
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 19 December 2019, 10:27 PM

Please welcome Canadian Blackened Death Metal quartet, HUMAN AGONY. Putrescence of Calvary is their debut full-length album. Since forming in 2016, they have released two demos in 2016 and 2017, which are 2016 Reh. Demo and Final Laceration Reh. respectively, one EP: Goring Christ, in 2018 and been on 2 split albums, both in 2018 with STRIATIONS and METHGOAT. What do they have in store for us over the next half hour? Let us find out

Corpse Wound of Antichrist” starts with a flurry of sound. You may not work out that it is the entire band you can hear. The vocals are just outbursts of screams and coarse vocals that I cannot make out, but at least they keep up with the tempo set out by the rest of the band. The drums have a good beat from S.R. and the string instrumentalists are there, somewhere. At some points it hard to establish any melodies and harmonies.  Very little happens in terms of change, but I have heard worse this year. “Unwilling Blood” continues in the same distorted sound. The tempo has slowed down, here you can, in places hear the different aspects of the band better. Overall, it still is without a great balance and composure. Yes, again, we have heard worse, but when you get album s like this with tracks 2 and 3 sounding like this, it does not fill you with any real confidence that it will change.

Covering Cherubim” is heavier and seems to have a more balanced start than previous songs. The balance of this song does seem better all round, if this is the band working out their sound then it has worked well enough to listen to. Vocals are what you expect them to be, but they seem to have been balanced somewhat melodically to make this work. “Doctrine of Cruelty” has taken a backwards step somewhat. The balance in “Covering Cherubim” has been lost, replaced with just raw sound, but it’s not a bad sound overall. The band are playing well together, and although the sound is sort of erratic, it will work for people to listen to.  It's another short song, so there are no changes, nor breathers

Mouth of Spears” hits the same sound as the album in general; it is the good and bad part of albums like this. The good part is that it is played well enough to not have too many issues, if you are into this subgenre. The bad part is that it is nothing new and the sound’s appeal can wear thin after a while. “Purity Withdrawn _ Angelic Castration” has slowed down the overall pace, which could work towards building a melody. The song returns to the album’s default speed in sections, but this does feel more composed. There are some harmonic melodies in place here, it's far more balanced than most of the album, but not enough to add new depths.

Mastered on Crucifix” just kicks off. Its back to the frenzied stance of no balance, no composure, no melodies. Summed up, nothing special. “Eviscerated for Ritual” flirts with harmonies to start, then reverts to chaos. It's pretty much the same as all the sounds we have heard before. The lack of composure has now worn thin. “Putrescence of Calvary” sounds the same as most intros to songs on this album. The sound is now just running through the motions and has blended into the background, there is nothing new or noticeable.

If you are into Black Metal that has distortion, poor recording quality, little to no balance and harmonies then this album maybe for you. If you are not into those credentials, then you probably will not appreciate this. It is not the worst I have heard recently, but it does fall into the pot of albums that are defined as noise.

Songwriting: 4
Musicianship: 4
Production: 4

2 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Corpse Wound of Antichrist
3. Unwilling Blood
4. Covering Cherubim
5. Doctrine of Cruelty
6. Mouth of Spears
7. … (Instrumental)
8. Purity Withdrawn _ Angelic Castration
9. Mastered on Crucifix
10. Eviscerated for Ritual
11. Putrescence of Calvary
12. Outro.
M.S. – Guitars & Vocals
R.W. – Bass Guitar
Charlie Mumma aka C.M. – Guitars & Vocals
S.R.  – Drums
Record Label: Invictus Productions


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