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Human Cometh - HCll

Human Cometh
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 10 July 2011, 7:53 PM

The unification between modern Hard Rock and Heavy Metal has turned out to be something quite common in the past decade and even before. While Hard Rock incorporated several of elements, besides the new modern sound, that let them have a grip on the new century, its mixing with somewhat 80s oriented Heavy Metal gave way to a musical direction that can be rather soothing and original in a way. Right before the moment I listened to their second album, "MCll", I haven't really known the Swedish HUMAN COMETH. However, as their tracklist started hitting my machine, I knew that I was facing something fairly innovative.

"Along In The Dark", "Fight Of The Skyscrapers" and "Love Games" were amazing efforts and wonderful showcases of how HUMAN COMETH upgraded their Heavy Metal style in various of paths like the involved darkness, mystery along with a burning fire. Although the musical vibe wasn't fully towards the 80s style, especially if judging by the great production that was modernized, it didn't interfere HUMAN COMETH to be equally catchy with great choruses that really touched something and a full scale attack of outstanding solos played by their lead guitarist / composer, Morgan Pettersson. Those virtuoso, powerful shredding solo moments along with touchy licks elevated the material.

Even without those three mentioned tracks, it seemed that HUMAN COMETH were experimenting in order to cross over boarders while not being too constant. As I saw it, it went both ways for them as it was a gamble and I might add even a risk. Tracks as "Smash Crash" and "Hyperspace" were good examples of how HUMAN COMETH tried to lift themselves out of their normal catchy material and into something different.

However, those two tracks weren't really close to the others, especially the greatest hits of this release. The former, "Smash Crash", was slightly experimental as it seemed that it involved a bit of a weird Pop direction. In overall, that is pretty neat to do that but the song itself didn't cause much of an interest, needless to say enjoyable. On the other hand, "Hyperspace", although not a mind blower, absorbed elements of Extreme Metal and blended quite nicely with Hard Rock.

So as you would be able to see, HUMAN COMETH exercised both traditional playing along with several of innovations in order to show that were willing to go farther. "MCll" is a great album that should be recognized as a respected attempt to go beyond the normal formulas of composing Hard Rock / Heavy Metal tracks. Therefore, I really do think that labels should take a closer look on what those Swedes have been showing off for more than two years.     

4 Star Rating

1. Alone in the Dark
2. Red Balloon
3. Love Games
4. Hyperspace
5. Challenger Deep
6. Super Volcano
7. Ambassadeur of Rock
8. Fight of the Skyscrapers
9. King of Spades
10. Smash Crash
Kaj Roth- Lead Vocals
Morgan Pettersson - Lead Guitar
Bjorn Pehrson - Bass
Jon Robbins - Drums
Jay Schankman - Keyboards
Record Label: Independent


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