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Human Desolation - Mind Grind Paradigm

Human Desolation
Mind Grind Paradigm
by K.M. Gillespie at 23 September 2015, 9:46 PM

Sweden is known for its metal scene, especially Stockholm. And it seems that such a scene has grown even further with HUMAN DESOLATION’s new twelve-track album “Mind Grind Paradigm” (which I’ll refer to henceforth as MGP because … holy ducking wordgasm.) Freshly added to Sweden’s metal scene is HUMAN DESOLATION’sMGP” in all its melodic death glory. This album promises everything you’d expect from this genre besides perhaps the harsh growls, which vocalist Kristian Reunanen tends not to exude, instead opting for more mid-ranged vocal fries. Reunanen’s vocals remain consistent and on point throughout the album, minus instrumentals and samples such as “Desolation” and “Paradigm Shift” which, don’t worry, leave pretty impressionable marks in and of themselves. If you’re still unconvinced of this album’s melodic beauty, or are one of those individuals who just needs their fix of low, guttural growls then don’t despair because tenth track in “Landscapes” delivers exactly that. This is testament of HUMAN DESOLATION’S ability to remain true to their melodic nature while delivering something fresh in between.

Fredrik Iggfors and Fredrik Danielsson’s guitar work is as you’d expect for a melodic death album: rhythmic, impressionable yet brutal and powerful. Despite this kind of guitar work being somewhat expected, Iggfors and Danielsson do leave some room for guesswork on tracks like “Madworld” and “Hybrid Haven” where your ears are introduced to some beautiful grooves. I commend drummer Miika Hakomäki for his constant full-time stream of heavy double kick use throughout; something the album would have frankly been remiss without. I must also credit bassist Daniel Severinsson for his destructive delivery of the four string during the album. It’s tracks like “Frostbite” that present those perfectly produced basslines you just don’t forget. Severinsson and Hakomäki’s drum and bass work go hand-in-hand on this track, heck on the entire album!

Mind Grind Paradigm is an immense piece, all in all. This is one for the shelves, better yet, for the collection. A fantastic and gripping display of power and musical ability screams throughout. For any fan of melodic death metal. Good job Sweden! Great job HUMAN DESOLATION!

3 Star Rating

1. Paradigm Shift (Intro)
2. Afterlife
3. Madworld
4. Sienipilvi
5. Desolation (Instrumental)
6. Fear and Loathing
7. Hybrid Haven
8. I Am Evil
9. Frostbite
10. Landscapes
11. Flow
12. Judgement Pathos
Kristian Reunanen - Vocals
Fredrik Danielsson - Guitars
Fredrik Iggfors - Guitars
Daniel Severinsson - Bass
Miika Hakomäki - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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