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Human Fate - Part I (Reissue)

Human Fate
Part I (Reissue)
by Tuoksu Holopainen at 16 September 2014, 6:01 AM

Oriental Metal is probably the last think you'd expect from a French Metal Band (unless, of course, most of its members are from  a Maghrebi background like ARKAN.) HUMAN FATE's style incorporates elements of Death Metal, Oriental Metal, Folk Metal and even Prog. As the title suggests, this album is just a reissue of their debut full-length "Part I" which was independently released in 2009. This version features minor changes, at least when it comes to the tracklist, and this time it is released via Dooweet Records.

Oriental Metal being among my top favorite  subgenres, it is quite easy for me to fall under the charm of the young French quintet, which has proven talented and promising. Opening with "2500 Days", the HUMAN FATE sound is instantly comparable to their contemporaries ARKAN and even some other middle-eastern Oriental acts like the Egyptian SAND AURA. Undeniably, the music is downright catchy and tempting. Any Oriental fusion within Metal can't possibly go wrong. The rest of the album proves that this is very well-done as well. "Unify Mankind" has to be one of the best tracks, featuring deep death growls, soft-spoken words and enchanting female vocals. The highlight of this track is definitely the Bouzouki riff though. A very well-crafted song indeed. You have to be a native Arabic speaker (like myself) to tell that "Yehusalem"  begins with ome chanting (spoken words actually)  of mourning and longing to Jerusalem that goes like "Oh Jerusalem! For you we fight.." etc. "Seed of Creation" is a proggy piece that quickly takes a brutal edge with vigorous growled vocals and a fast pace but still leaves room for softer vocal parts.

The interlude "The Crossing" features more exotic and "ethnic" elements, mainly percussions, choirs and accordion, preceding  the riff-laden "Hanuman's Quest" which goes on to deliver an even more eerie female vocal performance, equally beautiful. "In Fate" is another instrumental, more down-to-earth though, featuring more accordion in rather French way and the latter half is quite amusing and borders on the Folkish side. Again, the eerie female vocals take over here.  "Death Soul Society" is quite more solemn. A very subtle ORPHANED LAND influence might be present here, but it'd still be the early ARKAN sound that I would compare to theirs. the same can be said about "Pariah" which is a considerably longer track and "Black Light" as well. "Presage" closes the album neatly.

These fourty-five minutes of solid material would certainly establish HUMAN FATE as one of the most promising Oriental (Folk) Death Metal acts that we have today.

4 Star Rating

1. 2500 Days
2. Unify Mankind
3. Yehusalem
4. Seed of Creation
5. The Crossing
6. Hanuman's Quest
7. In Fate
8. Death Soul Society
9.  Pariah
10. Black Light
11. Presage
Léo Noble - Vocals, Guitar, Bouzouki
Sofía Miguélez - Accordion, Vocals, Samples
Gary Kelly - Lead Guitar
Philippe Santo - Bass
Jonathan Davenport - Drums, Percussion
Record Label: Dooweet Records


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