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Human Fortress - Reign of Gold

Human Fortress
Reign of Gold
by JoJo Hamilton at 29 December 2019, 3:34 AM

HUMAN FORTRESS is a long-standing band who have graced the airwaves since 1999. Having released an EP (self-released) and 5 studio albums under 3 different record labels in the past, we now in 2019 have the 6th studio album “Reign Of Gold”. The bands current line-up has changed somewhat over the years, but the bands style has been consistent throughout. HUMAN FORTRESS hail from Hannover in Germany. As with typical German Metal, they are a fine band to tune into. The 6-piece band from Hannover bring us a Power Metal album filled with 1`1 new songs to sink our teeth into. The band bring Power Metal to the front door in a stylish & fulfilling way with the music and lyrics in the new studio album. Human Fortress gave us the new album in late autumn 2019. This paves the way for the burning question, when and what is next for the band with an impressive discography?

So, to name a few songs from the album which are worth listening out for. The first track on the album “Imminence” opens with cymbals and thunder to lead onto a song which is progressive of a biblical shift in power. It’s a song about bowing down to the powers above and the servitude that accompanies it. Song number 3, “Reign Of Gold”, which is the title track of the new album, is 4 minutes 26 seconds of Power Metal at its finest. An anthem of the album and definitely one of the highlights of the new album. Another song to listen out for is “Shining Light”. It is a softer sung melody and show the bands softer side while still carrying off the musical and vocal work of the guys. It contains a sweet instrumental section that’s a delight to the ears and shows the skill of the band members playing those awesome guitar riffs and drums. One more teaser if you haven’t heard the album yet is “Legion Of The Damned”. It’s a fast-paced track that grips you by the soul and shakes your shell. The song gets you head banging as you feel that you are indeed a part of  “Legion Of The Damned”. It’s a catchy song that makes you want to learn the words to sing along to.

HUMAN FORTRESS is one of Germany’s finer attributes to speak of. They have brought us some fine albums and an EP in the past and now with the addition of “Reign of Gold” to the collection we see they show no signs of slowing down the pace any time soon. The band from Germany will keep rocking our worlds for a long time to come as far as we can tell. What the future brings us from the Power Metal band is yet unknown, but I’m sure we can look forward to the next installment with as much anticipation as we had waiting for “Reign of Gold”.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

Overall 8/10

4 Star Rating

1. Imminence
2. Thunder
3. Reign Of Gold
4. Lucifer’s Waltz
5. Bullet Of Betrayal
6. Shinning Light
7. Surrender
8. The Blacksmith
9. Martial Valor
10. Legion Of The Damned
11. Victory
Gus Monsanto - Vocals
Torsten Wolf - Guitar
Volker Trost - Guitar
Dirk Liehm - Keyboards
Andre Hort - Bass
Apostolos Zaios - Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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