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Human Improvement Process - Deafening Dissonant Millennium

Human Improvement Process
Deafening Dissonant Millennium
by Andrija "TheIslander" Petrovic at 10 October 2013, 4:46 PM

HUMAN IMPROVEMENT PROCESS hails from Modena, Italy, and it`s quite young band. Their first EP “S.T.A.R.S.” of 2011 was well received in the Italian underground scene. Their second EP “In Cristalline Worlds Beyond” was quite success. Signing with Memorial Records this year gave the band a chance to set loose their creativity, and that`s how the “Deafening Dissonant Millenium” is born.

The album opens with atmospheric “Jenova”, which gets interrupted by the lethal storm of rhythms and riffs twisted into the title track “Deafening Dissonant Millenium”. The technically infused Death Metal storm continues from that point on. Whole album is quite experimental, with lots of sounds that are just thrown into tracks cause the tracks needed some “lightening” to keep from falling into monotony. It`s far from being bad, just needs “that something” that will make it whole. Most of the time tracks sound like someone`s been throwing the samples one on top of the other. The tracks that stand out are “Artificial Savior” with its nicely woven Electronica moments through the Death Metal storm. “Materioscura” is quite unexpected surprise. Among the extreme storm of sound comes the mysterious acoustic guitar interlude, after which the storm continues in the same pace.

HUMAN IMPROVEMENT PROCESS sure has some potential, but it`s hard to see it on this album. They`ve tried to show all things they can do, end ended up with quite a mess. Technically it`s a great album. Perfect drumming, amazing solos, and quite good use of Electronica in some parts. But watching it overall (or better say listening) it`s way too experimental. They need to tone it down a bit, and start building a solid construction, other way they`ll just pass unnoticed for their extreme talent.

3 Star Rating

1. Jenova
2. Deafening Dissonant Millennium
3. Erase
4. Empty Eyes
5. Our Last Pieces of Sanity
6. Artificial Savior
7. Materioscura
8. Architecture Of a Dying Sun
9. The Process
10. Ethereal
11. Our Deepest Oblivion
Stefano Sebastio – Vocals
Fabio Carretti - Guitars & Leads
Marcello Tavernari - Bass & Vocals
Francesco Pini – Guitars
Alessandro Lugari – Drums
Record Label: Memorial Records


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