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Human Services - Animal Fires

Human Services
Animal Fires
by Amanda Rulton at 09 January 2015, 7:28 PM

Not any bands have managed to render me speechless so after listening to this band I was a little bit shocked to see my brain had turned to complete mush.

HUMAN SERVICES are an abnormal band, they offer a lot to a wide range of people with their chanting yet abrupt lyrics, brilliant song titles and amazing cover art. All of this and more however as the band have many different musical influences leaving your senses bewildered and your brain wanting more. It is hard to take everything on this album in in one go as it does offer a hell of a lot, the very different music styles and instruments work amazingly together despite not being the first choice for every band.

The instruments they use range from the normal every day band stuff like drums and guitars to the stage but intriguing choices of the Accordion, organ, banjo and even the old trustworthy, year nine musical futures lessons, Glockenspiel.

They would be an amazing act to see live especially with this album however I do not suggest taking any sub stances of any kind that may alter the way in  which your brain functions, this band will do all of the mind altering for you.

 HUMAN SERVICES are the band version of the weird kid in your class, the one no one talks to that sits there quietly getting on with it when suddenly you talk to them and they end up being an amazing person, friend and companion. That friend you never want to take home but would be able to live without. It is well put together and if you’re looking for something weird but wonderful you’ve come to the right album.

The cover work is a beautiful piece, I’m sure it belongs in a gallery of strange but wonderful art somewhere in the world. The piece contains Noah’s arc demons and giraffes and if that doesn’t make you want to pick it up then I don’t know what will…perhaps the song titles? You can see they have put a lot of time and effort into making this album the best it could be and I salute them all for confusing me as much as they did. This album is one you can enjoy over and over again and it gives a much needed bit of fun in everyday life when listening to it. I for one couldn’t help but smiling every time I pressed play to this album and I hope it has this effect on many others.

3 Star Rating

1. The Herd and Musth
2. Workhorse
3. Down to Your Last Goat
4. Predation
5. The River Pig
6. Bottomfeeding
7. Rats of a Feather
8. Long Distance Beekeepers
9. The Electro-Ape
10. Rhinocide
11. The Edge of the Waterhole
12. Onyedinci Yil Sürüsü
13. No Structures in the Eye of the Jungle (Live) 
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Record Label: Independent


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