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Human Temple - Halfway To Heartache

Human Temple
Halfway To Heartache
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 01 March 2012, 11:10 PM

Doing a follow up review on the same band, album after album, is something that I have been waiting to do for a long time since I began writing. Though I have already written follow ups in the last couple of years, I never got to mention it. So I found the right spot to do so while I am writing the follow up review for the new release of Finland's HUMAN TEMPLE. Two years after I listened to their tunes for the first time, just as they released their sophomore album, "Murder Of Crows", via Escape Music. That release left a good impression on me with its old school Hard Rock sensation. 2012 bred the band's third album, also through the Hard Rock loving Escape label, "Halfway To Heartache".

For one thing I was glad that HUMAN TEMPLE, led by one of Finland's talented Rock voices, Janne Hurme, kept this new album under the same standards as the previous one when it comes to the songs' arrangements, Rock musical roots of the 80s that shared great classic riffing, great solos, sensational vocals and a solid rhythm section to back those up. Furthermore, I found even a slight 70s DEEP PURPLE touch like on the main riff of the track "Bleeding Through", and lest I forget the great overall aura channeled. Following these details I saw no imperative differences between the two releases, though the sound production seems to be a little better than before and several attempts to break the normal formulas of the genre. But as far as the material goes, HUMAN TEMPLE remained in their stance between Hard Rock, AOR and minimal inflictions of Heavy Metal.

The large sum of songs is quite catchy, accessible and fun to listen. HUMAN TEMPLE presented a cool 80s Metal show along with the fire that it spreads. Though not perfect, as most of them are, the tracklist offers some great could be classics that will make you come back to them for a second spin and even more. "Some Things Are Never Long Time Ago" is a true blend of Hard Rock and AOR so similar to how it was played back in the 80s. Actually at first it sounded me like something played on a TO DIE FOR album. The melodic rhythms of the keyboards, like a hovering shadow, along with cutting edge guitar produced an astounding result. I didn't exactly know where to put "Like A Beat Of A Heart". In general its sounds like a GUIFFRIA meets DOKKEN, which I believe to be one of the greatest integrations that can only do good for a song. However, for some reason it felt like a ballad but with additional energy that is very uncommon. "Misery" practically took me by surprised with its Heavy Metal attitude. At first I was sure that I am about to listen how Hurme growls his way into the song, yet I was lead astray. Well I wasn't disappointed really because it’s not his thing, not even close. When the chorus came to shove it was all dreamy and wonderful with great harmonies. Finally there is "She Talks To Angels", the album's sole ballad, which some of its rhythm was suspiciously close to PINK FLOYD's "Comfortably Numb", that abides to the book of Power Ballads. Yet, it surely all depends on how the band performs and let me tell you, HUMAN TEMPLE has no problems on reaching the level of form needed.

Well some of the songs might feel slightly cheesy, it is hard to avoid but at least it’s not plastic or too Poppy. It’s my second time listening to fresh material of this band and they didn't disappoint. Go ahead and purchase this album.

4 Star Rating

1. I Will Follow
2. Bleeding Through
3. Like A Beat Of A Heart
4. Our World, Our Time
5. Almost There
6. Run Away
7. Little Lies (Fleetwood Mac cover)
8. Because Of You
9. Misery
10. Some Things Are Never Long Time Ago
11. She Talks To Angels 
Janne Hurme– Vocals
Kalle "Cala" Saarinen– Drums
Jori Tojander– Keyboards
Harri Kinnunen– Bass
Risto Tuominen- Guitars
Record Label: Escape Music


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