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Human Waste - Harvest Remnants

Human Waste
Harvest Remnants
by Jessica Harman at 02 May 2015, 9:33 PM

Hailing from Spain, HUMAN WASTE is a Technical and Progressive Death Metal band. Since 1990, their sound has changed a bit throughout their tenure, but they have stayed true to their Death Metal roots at least up until 1997, when they changed their concept drastically experimenting with computers and sequencers. They have released many demos, albums, and split albums, and now they are back with “Harvest Remnants”, a compilation album released in 2015. This album includes tracks from their 1991 release “The Miracle of Death”, their 1992 release “Existential Nausea”, and their 1993 release “Promo 1993”. “Harvest Remnants” comes in with 20 tracks and a listening time of forever, no really it’s only an hour and six minutes.

The music is pretty good, the vocals are your typical Black Metal style and all growled, grunted, or barked. However, being a release of previous work, I was expecting the production to be better, much better, than it was. While there is incredible musicianship, the production just takes so much away from the quality of the music and listener experience. I also thought that the album started off strong and by the end I felt like the power that hooked me in the beginning was gone.

Track one was my favorite “So Is Death”. It immediately hooked me with an infectious guitar and bass line. The drums were hard but almost drowned out. I loved how dark everything sounded and it just kept that flow with the vocals. It’s a very flat track, with spurts of musical bursts throughout. Track three “Men and Their Lives” is another good track off the album. It one of the longer tracks on the album, but keeps a nice heavy flow for its duration. The vocals are very prominent in this track, but serve more as another instrument as opposed to a separate element. Other honorable mentions are track five “Pool of Tears” and “Sacro Sancti Semen

Harvest Remnants” has some really good music riddle throughout the 20 tracks, but its quality is not up to par. It sounds like they just put all of the old demos on to one album instead of re-mastering. I am not saying that the album is bad, because there are plenty of areas that you can feel and hear beautifully brutal written music. The balance is thrown off because of some of the production issues.


3 Star Rating

Demo ‘93
1. So is Death
2. Cranial
3. The Men and Their Lives
4. The Almighty Protozoan
5. Pool of Tears

Demo ‘92
1. Sacro Sanctum Semen
2. The Hegemony of Reality
3. Pseudo-Disharmonic Excrescence of Noiseous Micro-Kaos
4. Inert Bodies Distillation
5. The Silence
6. Existential Nausea
7. When Gravity Acts

Demo ‘91
1. Beauty Also Rots
2. Nonsense Time
3. Human Waste
4. Reaffirmation of Repression
5. The Miracle of Death
6. Pool of Tears
7. Psychic Fear
8. Circle of the Tyrants (Celtic Frost)
Dani Audí - Drums (jan/1990-jan/2000)
Carlos Matheu - Guitar and Vocals (jan/(1990-jan/2000)
Jaume F.Baila - Bass (jan/1990 - may/1991)
Fede Viles - Guitar (jan/1990 - des/1992)
Pedro "Pedrito" - Bass (july/1991 - sep/1993)
Alex Valero - Guitar (des/1992 - 1998) bajo (1998-jan/2000)
Xavi Valero - Bass (sep/1993 - 1998)
Carlos Ayyad - Guitar (1999)
Jaume Estupinyà - Guitar (1999-jan/2000)
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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