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Human Effluence - Mass Engorgement (CD)

Human Effluence
Mass Engorgement
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 10 December 2008, 12:34 PM

I can't stop laughing when I listen to this album or even look at it. This guy must definitely be kidding since I can consider this album a serious release. If he his initial purpose was to make fun of Death Metal and Grindcore bands, I can say he is really good at it.

This is a one man band based in Allen, Texas and this is HUMAN EFFLUENCE's debut album. The band was initially known as CONSUMED but changed its name to avoid confusion with the brutal death metallers CONSUMED from California.

Even though I try to be kind and gentle while writing this review, I just can't help saying that this album is a piece of crap! I mean, what was this guy thinking when he recorded it? The drums are fucking irritating causing me a headache, since the stupid midi sound and the hyper fest tempo he used makes the music sound like a faulty CD! You just have to see a couple of live photos in his Myspace page. There is nobody else but him on stage. He probably plays with his guitar and a drum machine. It must be a unique experience watching HUMAN EFFLUENCE live. Brutal Death Metal to the bone. And don't ask me how the band sounds like in this album, I could tell you if they played real music.

I guess I already spent much time on this thing called music, when this guy decides to write some more serious stuff I promise this band will get my full attention. Until then…

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