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Human Race - Dirt Eater (CD)

Human Race
Dirt Eater
by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos at 13 March 2001, 11:07 PM

Some may find it quite amazing with the stuff countries like Sweden can bring up. Just when youre so used to listening to Death Metal Bands like At The Gates (RIP) and In Flames. You see, some time ago Id never even be expecting something different from that part of the world (Death and Black kick ass but theyre not the only metal genres alive). Human Race, a Swedish Heavy Metal band, oh yes people, you got that right!

This band was formed in the mid 90s by vocalist Stefano Marchesini and energetic guitarplayer Robert Hansson. During the tough and competitive decade of the 90s, Human Race released a mini album called Human Race ( in Japan only) and in 1998 their first album titled For The Sake Of Your Soul.

Now comes a really great album, Dirt Eater, which is pretty promising, to be frank. But what is this album really all about?

Its an eleven tracked album which despite its poor cover (which initially made me wonder if this is just another crappy inspiration someone had in his sleep, during a wet dream) it astonished me in a way. Eleven songs seem a lot and its easy to suppose that I must have fallen asleep more than just a couple of times during this review. On the contrary, the album kept me awake and excited! All the tracks have pure heavy-metal guitar riffs, nothing unique in inspiration but HEAVY (and most of all…not crappy). The feeling I got while listening carefully to all the songs was that when you combine classic heavy metal guitars with vocals that are something between Ozzy and Bruce Dickinson (in style) and you add on a fast drum rhythm and a few great keys …wow…the result is awesome! Singer  Stefano Marchesini sure shows he has potentials. I mentioned something about Ozzy and Bruce (Dirt Eater reminds me somehow of Balls to Picasso) didnt I? Well, even though Stefano Marchesini manages to use some of the unique styles of Metal Gods like them, he still has his own style (of combinations maybe). Everything is really melodic in this album and I really wonder who plays the keys, because nothings mentioned anywhere about the keyboard player. Nevertheless, the songs keep your spirit high and never let it descend into total boredom. I find the songs Ending Calling, One by One , The Web, and Brand New Dawn really ass kickin. The only thing bothering me is that the production could have been slightly better on the guitars. The Drums, which are pretty good and speeding most of the time, the keys and ofcourse the vocals where recorded pretty well, but damn..wish they could have fixed the guitars a bit better. In Dirt Eater theres also a cover song for Tarot Woman of Rainbow(boy I just remembered RISING, what an all time, superb album). Usually when a band youve never heard of, tries to make a cover song for one of youre favourite, all time, songs, you grin and go like umm theres no way Im going to listen to my favourite song get blown away by some wankers. This is one of the best cover songs Ive heard for some time now !!

Coming to an end, my message is this : If you want to hear a new band which plays HEAVY freakin metal and you dont want to bore to death…listen to Human Races Dirt Eater. -  Great work guys! -

Ill never return up to your love
Tarot woman but I dont know
I dont know
I dont know
I dont know

(Tarot Woman - Rainbow)

3 Star Rating

Ending Calling
Free Your Mind
One By One
The Web
Some Fall In Summertime
Whis Is Who We Are
Don't Look Back
Remember When
Lost In The Shadows
Brand New Dawn
Stefano Marchesini - Vocals
Robert Hansson - Guitar
J.T. - Drums
Dennis Osterdahl - Bass
Record Label: Massacre Records


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