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Humanart – (Further) Into the Depths

(Further) Into the Depths
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 08 June 2019, 5:04 AM

 HUMANART plays Traditional Black Metal with inspiration from the 90`s merged with an unique interpretation forged and aged in the last two decades in the underground. Born in Portugal in 1997, they didn’t get a debut LP until 2014, called “Lightbringer.” Now, they return again in 2019 with “(Futher) Into the Depths,” which contains eight tracks.

“Opening the Gates” leads off the album, with harrowing background sounds and distorted spoken word. Sirens are going off and it does indeed sound like the announcing of the end of the world. “Underground Slut” is a fairly traditional sounding Black Metal sound…high volume of guitars and rolling drums with vocal screams. There is a bit of a breakdown at around the half-way point but other than that, the song stays fairy linear. “Lodge of Filth” is similar in scope, though it’s a bit slower at first to let all those torturous elements soak in. The riff shifts a bit along the way, but never loses sight of that harrowing sound.

“Victorious Path” opens with a slow drone and a series of long, drawn out vocal screams. It’s really the first variation we’ve heard on the album, as they let the drone play through the entire song. It sounds like some Latin is used here and there as well. “Invocation” opens with eerie sounds, reminding me of human sacrifice. It keeps a steady presence throughout the song, fueled by guitars and raging vocals. “Iron Cross” goes for broke from the opening…strong and fast and with a frightening sound overall. The drums thunder forward, unrelenting. A nefilim is half angel, half human. I learned that from watching “Supernatural;” also known by some as “fallen angels.” The song puts a heavy emphasis on the title and that mesmerizing guitar riff.

“Black Crusade” closes the album. A solitary fast-picked guitar note leads off the album as bass guitar comes in. The main riff then hits and it picks up steam. It slowly dies towards the end, with a lumbering guitar riff. Overall, though this was pretty hardy stuff, it was a bit repetitive and nothing that you haven’t heard before. With the diversity of Black Metal these days, why stick to the tried and true formula that has been overdone, especially in recent years. These traditional old-school ways just refuse to die. I don’t know, at some point, old might become the new “new?”

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 5
Memorability: 4
Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. Opening the Gates
2. Undergound Slut
3. Lodge of Filth
4. Victorious Path
5. Invocation
6. Iron Cross
7. Nefilim
8. Black Crusade
JJ - Lead Guitar
Sathronus - Vocals
Fareal - Rhythm Guitar
Leyak - Bass (guest)
Njiord - Drums (live) 
Record Label: Independent


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