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Humbucker - King Of The World

King Of The World
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 24 March 2014, 2:26 AM

HUMBUCKER is a band from Norway, Rock 'N' Roll bad asses were formed in 1998, claimed to be one of Norway`s most energetic Rock bands ever. In 2012 they have released debut album called "R.O.C.K.S" and just recently the world saw their new work called “King Of The World” with interesting cover art.

Opening track “Self-Made Son Of B***H” is virtually a journey through Rock N’ Roll with a Lemmy spike on the vocals, a catchy track with an impressive guitar solo! Titled track “King Of The World” has everything of what there should be in Hard Rock, fabulous backing vocals, fine guitar work with an astounding melody.  “One Size Fits All” shares a memorable chorus in the vein of AC/DC with an amazing crunchy guitaring and a hell of a vocal line. Same is with the fast pace heart beater “Gone Fishing”, which also bestows nice riffs shooting the smoothness of the 80’s. The best number on my bill is “Hey You!” with the mid 80’s Rockery of SAXON mixed with SCORPIONS, AC/DC, ZZ TOP and the frenzy moments of BLACK SABBATH. “Wine, Women An' Song” has an interesting position, originally played by WHITESNAKE, presenting the positive energy of the band’s Rock N’ Roll spirit. “Dirty Nelly” proves that the blood running through these guys’ veins if all made of Rock, the classic kind with no trends, easy and to the point. Country & Bluesy orientations fly within “Lord Have Mercy”, sharp melodies all around, fine backing vocals and a tight rhythm section. “Lone Rider” reminds me of BLACK SABBATH, bearing a catchy chorus with a nice vocal range and direction that has that Ozzy fibre in it. “Harder Being Me”, a sort of ballad, a cool one with well performed vocals, acoustic guitars, and keyboards along with the violins that come right after the middle.

HUMBUCKER is yet another proof that there are kings of Rock N’ Roll, though still not as famous as they would have liked. Silky smooth crunchy Hard Rock and Classic manoeuvres towards Blues and even the outskirts of Country. No doubt that Rock fans will have a kick out of this one, but not only they.

5 Star Rating

1. Self-Made Son Of B***H
2. One Size Fits All
3. King Of The World
4. Gone Fishing
5. Dirty Nelly
6. Harder Being Me
7. Lone Rider
8. Lord Have Mercy
9. Hey You!
10. I Did It All (Thanks You & Goodnight!)
11. Wine, Women An' Song (Whitesnake Cover)
12. Strongman
Jan Anders "Longbeard" Bøen - Lead vocals
Lars Stian "Too Late" Havraas - Bass
John Petter "No Thanks" Pershaug - Guitars
Geir Arne "The Cannon" Dale - Drums
Vidar "Maniac" Svanheld - Guitars 
Record Label: Humbucker Records


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