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Humiliation - Battalion

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 01 February 2015, 7:31 PM

To play Death Metal can have more than one simple mean. Death Metal itself if full of subgenres, and a writer must have a careful ear when dealing with bands from this genre. It’s not an easy task to deal with them, especially when you are so used to a way of playing. And in the case of Malaysian quintet HUMULIATION, it can be dangerous, for “Battalion”, their new album, can challenge you a lot.

At first hearing, it can seem like a common band, one more in the middle of many. And sometimes, they really are doing more of the same, nothing really especial. When they really shows what they can do, my dear nephews and nieces, it’s astonishing: a mix between the catching Thrash Metal attack (especially for the guitars, where the riffs are tong and powerful, and solos are full of melodies) with a brutal grasp from the earlier Death Metal (from the first half of the 90’s). The vocals are brute and good, but not as guttural as we could expect, the guitars are extremely good, and the rhythmic session is full of heavy weight with good technical level. And they can be a surprise to many.

The sound quality is a good level. This means that we can understand their work perfectly, with no difficulties, and the instruments don’t entangle themselves into a chaotic and nonsense mass. No, here all is clear.

We can see (and hear) that they really can become a great, and this means that they only have to put a bit more of them into their music. When they use a more mid tempo pace in songs, like we hear on “No Land Rights to Speak Of” (that has fast and high adrenaline moments, with perfect guitar riffs and wonderful solos) or some that oscilate between harsh and fast moments with some slower ones as “The Killing Campaign” (great drums and bass), and some bitter and grasping ones like “Baling Tasks”, they show an excellent talent.

It’s a fine band that just needs a good producer to give a help to them. If this is done, they can really become a surprise for many.

4 Star Rating

1. The Malayan Emergency
2. Post Aftermath
3. Liberated Area
4. No Land Rights to Speak Of
5. The Killing Campaign
6. Overthrow
7. Alliance
8. War Path
9. Undefeated
10. Baling Talks
11. Restless Fight
Bear Bee – Vocals
Asraf – Guitars
Matt – Guitars
Afe – Bass
Mudon – Drums
Record Label: Deepsend Records


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