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Hungry Like Rakovitz – The Cross Is Not Enough

Hungry Like Rakovitz
The Cross Is Not Enough
by H.P. Buttcraft at 05 December 2014, 11:40 AM

No, the name is not a DURAN DURAN satire. As a matter of fact, I have not been able to find a clue as to who this Rakovitz person even is. HUNGRY LIKE RAKOVITZ, which is one of the most offsetting band names in my history of writing album reviews, is a grindcore crust band from Italy. Their sound is extremely raw, angry and strong so keep reading. Prepare to have your perceptions of popular culture smashed to smithereens before your very eyes on their latest album ‘The Cross is Not Enough’.

Some songs on this record are really stellar. Songs from HUNGRY LIKE RAKOVITZ can go from epic like on "Please, Tom Selleck Drive Me To Hell" to militantly aggressive like on "Anders Suhm" and the maniacally whirlwind songwriting on “Pornographers of Violence”. And who can’t love the Breaking Bad sample-laden track “The One Who Knocks At Your Door”?

Like most of grindcore I come across, I have no way of telling you whether this is good grindcore or bad grindcore. There are certainly people who will jump at the opportunity to be the grindcore expert but I am not one of those people. However, I feel like I am a good critic of what is good music and what is bad music. And "The Cross is Not Enough" was an album of great music wearing bad music’s clothing. For a genre with no limits or rules, this band seems to be way too methodical to be just shear chaos that exists beyond the realm of judgment.

As far as modern grindcore goes, HUNGRY LIKE RAKOVITZ seems to direct its style towards the crustier, gutter punk side of the scene and with "The Cross is Not Enough" somehow build a functioning carnival there that is run and operated by freaks and tweakers that populate their world. Yes, its risky and yes, you may contract hepatitis, but trust me, it’s a good time.

3 Star Rating

1. Reborn to Die Twice
2. Tears of Strangers Are Only Water
3. Pornographers of Violence
4. Celestial Incest
5. Demons Over Demons
6. Revelation Six
7. Please, Tom Selleck, Drive Me to Hell
8. Baptized in Reverse
9. Anders Suhm
10. Putrefiction
11. The One Who Knocks At Your Door
12. The Size of the Horn
13. We Who Fuck the Darkness
14. The Glorious Way to Become Ashes
15. I’ll Be Back in Five Minutes With John Titor
16. Abyss Obsessed
17. In the Beard of Satan
18. Redemption in Slowmotion
19. The Sound of You Dying
Enrico – Guitars
Tiziano – Drums
Rubens – Vocals
Simone – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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