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Hungryheart – Dirty Italian Job

Dirty Italian Job
by Sébastien “Bass” Parent at 08 September 2015, 10:02 AM

It’s time for another review; “Dirty Italian Job” by HUNGRYHEART. This band has been around since the 1990s, but their big breakthrough came in 2008 when they released their first self-titled album. This is their third album to date and it falls into the category of really Soft Rock. I can’t help but feel like it has this boy’s band kind of sound with an electric guitar. You would almost expect all the band members to start singing in tune when you watch the video. But it’s not all bad; they spent 5 years of work to perfect this album and it has a refined sound.

The guitar is pretty solid on this album; the solos are fun to listen too, but nothing brutal. Mario is very good on the guitar, but I feel like the other musicians are not showing us what they can do really.

It’s like they wanted to take a BON JOVI feel and make it more Metal, but they failed and made it sound a bit like a boy’s band on songs like “Shoreline”. Granted the voice of Josh is very musical and he’s always in tune. He brings a lot of emotions to the songs, but I feel like it is a bit too much sometimes.

I’ll give them one major props; the length of their album is great. They really did a good job on writing enough songs to give us some meat on this CD.

In conclusion; this album is a pretty decent Soft Rock album. Nothing over the top, nothing mediocre about it either. I just can’t bring myself to give it a higher note. It didn’t strike me as a must hear album, but I could see this playing on popular radio. So give it a listen if you like the genre and decide for yourself. I, for one, am not really sold on it.

3 Star Rating

1. There is A Reason For Everything
2. Back to the Real Life
3. Shoreline
4. Nothing But You
5. Devil’s Got My Number
6. Bad Love
7. Second Hand Love
8. Time For Letting Go
9. Right Now
10. You Can Run
11. Rock Steady
12. All Over Again
Josh Zighetti – Lead and Back vocals
Mario Percudani – Guitars, Back Vocals
Stefano Scola – Bass
Paolo Botteschi – Drums
Record Label: Tanzan Music


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