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Hunted - Alone (demo) (CD)

Alone (demo)
by Grigoris Chronis at 17 February 2009, 4:42 PM

This is a three-track release from the Wales-based metallers HUNTED. Choosing the tracklist from their 2007/2008 demo CDs, HUNTED present a material that I frankly do not know the purpose of. The quintet's Alone effort sees something less than 20 minutes of…
..Metal music not strictly applying to a certain horde of metalheads. HUNTED are real classic Metal fans, so the do deliver the goods in a base built with the sacred materials of bands like IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, (old) METALLICA and MEGADETH (and AGENT STEEL?). They do also carry that same mystique aura witnessed in bands of the 80s Metal world. Still, the do also mix elements of more current Metal stuff, leaning towards to the 'low' path of NEVERMORE or (21st century) MORGANA LEFAY but also flirting with Prog-like pieces in the vain of DREAM THEATER or THRESHOLD. Three 'long' compositions shall not let you down in boredom, no way, while the expressionistic confidence of the instruments avoids the elitist/artistic trap hole. The vocals are quite bizarre the first time, surely need to be more 'pro' at times but eventually they fit to the music.
Listening again to the The Silence Of Minds track, HUNTED do also carry an operatic, THERION-ish spark that probably applies to the band's name (else I cannot find something suitable between them too, to be honest). “Alone” marks a band that's passionate for what they're up to, with a non-average songwriting not to forget (there's plenty of good guitar work in here). Issues of production are not the case, thus it's quite reasonable some label specializing in the modern/dark side of Heavy Metal music should keep an eye on these confident warriors.

P.S.: Don't be surprised by the blastbeatin' drum start in Impaled. It's not a Black Metal song, no way…

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The Silence Of Minds
Chris G. - Vocals
Steven Berberini - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Dave Edwards - Rhythm Guitars
Jon Letson - Bass
Matthew Animal Thomas - Drums
Record Label: Private Release


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