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Husqwarnah – Front: Toward Enemy Award winner

Front: Toward Enemy
by Will Travers at 09 March 2022, 4:49 PM

Italian Death Metal, that’s the order of the day. HUSQWARNAH have released their debut album “Front: Toward Enemy” back in December. The 9 track studio album is their first full length foray into the world following on from the successes of the records two earlier singles. The album artwork illustrating a hellish picture of undead soldiers advancing with their tank… read into that what you will.

Opening is “Melting Face” and it doesn’t really hang about. Thick devastating riffs and a steady pounding rhythm drives the track forwards, Complemented by Maurizio’s booming aggressive vocals. And the track is well put together, the structures are sound, with little flourishing teases of guitar breaks just to keep you on your toes. This force keeps driving the tracking relentlessly forwards, delivering blow after blow of some brutal Death Metal. “Ignoto1” takes a bit more of a different approach; whilst there is still the solid foundations of Death Metal, there seems to be some twinges that show HUSQWARNAH are not just sticking to the prescribed playbook and are in fact developing their own unique take on the saturated genre.

“Screams From The Cellar” strips it back a bit, it’s a dense, heavy and unrelenting wall of impenetrable music battering away against my headphones. The tempo changes really add extra dimensions, and the guitar break is face melting. I love it. In all honesty, this track is just superb from start to finish. “Lived Once Buried Twice” is another high energy track that drives hard and delivers some brutal music. It’s honestly as though this album doesn’t have an off switch and all of HUSQWARNAH are amped up on 20 cups of coffee each, and I am living for it. The last track I want to focus on is “Infernal Loop”, as it really just takes the record to another level for me. It has all the stereotypical characteristics of a good Death Metal track, but then it also had the HUSQWARNAH stamp on it; and that is something that we have seen built over the rest of the album. It hits hard and really leves me just wanting more.

Overall, this is a fantastic album and an outstanding debut. “Front: Toward Enemy” has explosively announced HUSQWARNAH’s presence on the scene, and if the quality of the album is anything to go by, then I can see great things coming for them all!

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1.Melting Face
2. Reincarnation Of Sin
3.Death Proof
4. Ignoto1
5. Screams From The Cellar
6. Vigo
7. Lived Once Buried Twice
8. Infernal Loop
9. Dreamline (Rush Cover)
Maurizio Caverzan – Vocals
JP Lisi – Guitar
Simone Rinaldi – Guitar
Lorenzo Corno – Bass
Riccardo Rjilo – Drums
Record Label: Fuel Records


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Edited 01 February 2023

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