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Huxley — Huxley

by Gary Hernandez at 08 December 2019, 2:13 PM

From the ashes as of the Metalcore band ENDLESS SACRIFICE rises HUXLEY. With a few line-up changes, the five-man project will release their self-titled debut on December 13. There is a reason that neither their previous incarnation nor this current run appear in Encyclodaepia Mettalum. It would be hard for any serious metal fan to take them seriously, but still, as I have said in previous reviews, the roof of Metal Temple is wide and we do our best to give all those who enter a fair shake.

Let me start by saying that HUXLEY is a talented bunch. They have a sense of rhythm, and they are more than proficient musicians. The production quality of the EP is excellent. They also seem to exude a level of easy confidence. When you add all that up, however, you don’t end up with a sum that says visceral, edgy, gritty, dark, outsider . . . you get something more like safe, comfortable, marketable. All five tracks on this EP are listenable and even catchy, but none of them bear repeating. They sound like the soundtrack to a young adult Netflix series. They reek of fraternity parties and sophomoric melodrama — 100% earnest but very, very shallow.

Two of the tracks, “Evol” and “If I Ruled the World,” have video support. Like the EP, they are both well produced, but they do little for the band’s image. Rather, they add credence to the upper middle class, suburban vibe. If you really want to give this band a chance, hold off on the videos until after you listen to the EP. “Evol” kicks off with a solid groove that makes you hopeful, but quickly de-evolves into a radio friendly love song. “If I Ruled the World” has a similar pattern — e.g. decent intro that rapidly falters into a status quo, sponsor-pleasing pantomime of hard rock. Next up are “Regression,” an angsty breakup song, and “Girl Thang,” which I won’t comment on but will let the title speak for itself. The EP ends with “We Are,” a shouty ballad/anthem about unrequited love.

I understand that with the breakup of ENDLESS SACRIFICE, the band was looking to branch out in a new direction. Maybe the HUXLEY debut is that new direction and maybe it fully captures the sound they were looking for. If so, good on them. Not to sound like one of the breakup songs on this very album, but I wish them the best of luck and hope they find the audience they’re looking for.

Songwriting: 2
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 2
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. Evol
2. If I Ruled the World
3. Regression
4. Girl Thang
5. We Are
Doug – Vocals
Mike – Guitar
Alex – Rhythm guitar
Watt – Bass
Robbie – Drums

Record Label: Independent


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