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Hvile I Kaos - Black Morning, Winter Green

Hvile I Kaos
Black Morning, Winter Green
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 19 December 2019, 5:52 AM

Since the coming of symphonic elements into Metal, a great and vast range of musical possibilities was set. There are many expressions of Symphonic Metal, even into the darker extreme genres. And when APOCALYPTICA appeared, there were many bands using cellos and other classic instruments instead of guitars, but always heavy and really great. Trying to do the same, but using a different musical expression, is the North American band HVILE I KAOS, and its latest release, which is called “Black Morning, Winter Green”, can defy the senses of many fans.

The band uses a classical approach, predominantly using cellos instead of guitars, so it’s truly melodic, but it’s dense and melancholic in some parts. The long songs of this album use many different ambiances, from something near Medieval Folk music to introspective, so the band’s music is rich in many senses. But it’s not so easy to be swallowed, because it’s extremely not casual, and maybe Metalheads that are used to something more electric would not absorb this work properly. It’s good, but not so easy to be understood. The production of “Black Morning, Winter Green” is really clean. Everything sounds clean and with excellent tunes (this must be stated because cellos aren’t so easy to be recorded), as a classic music release. So about this aspect, there are too many negative words to be written.

“An Inviting Afterglow” is dense and melancholic, with some acoustic guitars, but filled with some grandiose parts as well (and in some moments, a medieval feeling can be heard on some arrangements). The melancholic ambiance becomes deeper on the 12 minutes of “Grand Darkness Engulfs”, going from darker and sinister moments to grandiose ones. And the beauty of atmospheric contrasts can be heard on “A Shock of Winter Green” is filled with a sad and melancholic touch. And “Outro” is just a spoken with the voice of Holly Fox, without any musical instrument.

Maybe HVILE I KAOS’ work can’t satisfy every Metalheads, but for those used to Symphonic Metal bands, or even to classic music, “Black Morning, Winter Green” will be a great experience.

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. An Inviting Afterglow
2. Grand Darkness Engulfs
3. A Shock of Winter Green
4. Outro (bonus)
Kakophonix - Cello, Guitar, Bass, Ritual Hymns
Record Label: Red Nebula Records


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