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Hyades - The Wolves are Getting Hungry

The Wolves are Getting Hungry
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 26 August 2015, 10:16 PM

Ok, Big Daddy here really understands that many guys are truly in love with 80’s. That's the only answer I can thing for the great amounts of bands following the ways of music from the past. Some are really very good, and some are really something that I won't hear more than needed to write a review. But I really must create a new group for Italian quintet, HYADES. They are making a good job on their new album, "The Wolves Are Getting Hungry".

First of all, I must say that there's nothing new at all here on this album. No, I heard that before many times, this way of playing an aggressive form of Thrash Metal that get nears from Crossover in some moments (something that reminds us from first works from NUCLEAR ASSAULT), but that has some influences from modern Thrash Metal bands as PANTERA. But they aren't a Dolly Metal clone, for their music is alive and good, having some very good melodies here and there, with great amounts of energy, and some rhythmic changes that really can catch us by the ears. It's a massive mix between harsh voices (using aggressive tunes of Marco's normal voice), powerful guitar, thunderous rhythmic kitchen, very good backing vocals, and this alchemy is something good.

The sound quality is very good, giving them the clearness they need to be understood on all songs, but be careful: it is as heavy and furious as a truck running down a mountain, without control and at full speed!

Their songs are fine, being the best ones "Ignorance is no Excuse" (a violent and nasty blow on the mouth, having very good guitars, and good tempos), the mastodon marching on a crystal store called "The Decay of Humankind" (the rhythmic session is perfect, due the song has a not so fast tempos, and a very good vocal work), the thunderous and fierce "The Great Lie" (we can see a very good technical approach done on guitars and drums here), the Old School fashioned "Eight Beers After", and the strong "The Wolves are Getting Hungry" (these tempo changes are very good).

Again: the band is not doing anything new at all, but we can like it a lot without caring about it, can't we? And to be honest, who cares about it?

Enjoy it a lot, dear nephews and nieces!

4 Star Rating

1. The Economist
2. Ignorance is no Excuse
3. The Decay of Humankind
4. The Apostles of War
5. The Great Lie
6. Heavier Than Shit (Hyz IV)
7. Sing this Rhyme
8. Eight Beers After
9. The Wolves are Getting Hungry
10. Hyades (2015 version)
Marco Colombo - Vocals
Lorenzo Testa - Guitars
Marco Negonda - Guitars
Jerico Biagiotti - Bass
Rawdeath - Drums
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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