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Hyades - And The Worst Is Yet To Come (CD)

And The Worst Is Yet To Come
by Grigoris Chronis at 29 April 2007, 3:57 PM

You love Thrash? You live Thrash? You behave Thrash? Youe eat Thrash for breakfast and dinner? You even pee Thrash? Well, your next beloved Thrash Metal band is here for you! HYADES would get a fine '7/10' grade even if no CD disc was inside the jewel case, only for their neckbreaking motto: Thrash Now, Work Later, be it! It seems the Thrash Metal God has not forgotten us, the sinners…
Italian Thrash Metal? Hmmm…Let's dig a little bit deep in history. Well (in general): BULLDOZER, NECRODEATH, HOMICIDE, REX INFERNI is all I can recall. HYADES, to focus on this excellent quintet, seem to be rather clever in drawing your attention via their efforts' titles. 2002's No Bullshit…Just Metal promo demo must have kicked ass, judging from the heading! Seriously, now, having not heard any HYADES recording so far I did a little bit of research on the Net for some past reviews and the vibe was quite positive for all thirsty Thrashers worldwide. The band's 2005 debut full-length, Abuse Your Illussions must be a kick-ass album, I assume.
Take a look at the cover artwork. Can you see SACRED REICH? Do you recognize TOXIC? Any of EVIL DEAD? Some of ATROPHY? Got it? The same story goes inside. HYADES are deeply influenced by the American 'college' of Thrash Metal music; meaning the up-to-early 90s style. The riffing, the tempos, the bridges, the moshing-like groove…it's all crystal clear. Various bands playing this kinda Thrash Metal still survive and work hard to see their harvest gaining some recognition. But, HYADES have lots of nerve more. The dynamics of EXODUS and NUCLEAR ASSAULT, the rhythm of TESTAMENT (and S.O.D., at times), the fury of early SACRED REICH, the techniques of TOXIC and FORBIDDEN, the anti-temper of HIRAX and the humour of RE-ANIMATOR (woah…). Limited 'evil' signs (aka SLAYER and DARK ANGEL) will you find in this one. Also, limited - if none - is any comparison to the German wave of Thrash Metal; exclude some TANKARD potentials (the band has covered Alien for an upcoming TANKARD tribute CD via AFM Records).
And The Worst Is Yet To Come (again released via the legendary Mausoleum Records) was recorded in July 2006 at Indyrecords Studio, was initially scheduled for November but was later postponed until early 2007. Marquee Records handles the album for Japan and South America (adding three extra live tracks). The cover was designed by the one and only Ed Repka (you know him via his fabulous work for bands like DEATH, MEGADETH, EVIL DEAD, TOXIK, ATHEIST, DEFIANCE, MASSACRE, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, SANCTUARY, VIOLENCE and many more) and the sound is 100% as it should be: generally old-school but with a floating modern 'touch' in order to synchronize to today's requirements.
Lorenzo sings like the long-time cousin of Chuck Billy and 'sick' Steve Souza, and the rest of the crew knows how to mosh. The review could be limited to (only) the above sentence, on second thought. THRAAAAAASSSSSSHHHHHH!

4 Star Rating

And The Worst Is Yet To Come
Buried In Blood
Unconform #756
Disposable Planet
New World War
Skate Addiction
Valley Of Tears
Wops Still Thrash
Marco Colombo - Vocals
Lorenzo Testa - Guitars
Marco Negonda - Guitars
Roberto Orlando - Bass
Rodeath - Drums
Record Label: Mausoleum Records


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