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Hybrid Circle - A Matter Of Faith

Hybrid Circle
A Matter Of Faith
by Yngwieviking at 14 July 2014, 10:29 PM

The MetalCore wave is devastating the Italian peninsula, all the way from Madonna del Carmine, Abruzzo, here is “A Matter of Faith” , this is the review about the fourth official release of HYBRID CIRCLE.

Once in a while, i like to change my listening session routine, in order to suprise myself and feeding my curiosity by discovering new bands, young acts with under their belt the will to blend styles, to bend the borders of the Heavy genres and the ability to refresh their music with influences coming from every corner of the spectrum and the juvenile malice to find new way to mix a few heterogenous element in a new method, this is how it occured with my first encounter with HYBRID CIRCLE : A Down-tuned Modern prototype of Metal, similar to  90’s Melodeath but electro-contaminated updated with a serious amount of Djent overtones, slightly Progressive in the structures, but unluckily corrupted by some Alternative influences and even some seamy Grunge aftertaste to finish the audio canvas and its complex description!

In fact, it’s a mix bag of everything, I truly admire their artistic behaviour and their rebellious musical spirit but their resulting sound is not exceptional, finally most of the time dull and sterile, like if the unusual alloy wasn't working as expected or maybe is just the lack of songwriting talent who its guilty of the lacklustre result in terms of entertainment, I cannot exactly define where the problem is, maybe it’s the average interpretation, maybe it’s something else that i’m unable to pointed precisely, anyway kudos to their creative innovation…But self determined originality is always risky!

However , the closing ambitious suite “Trial of Trust” in three parts is intriguing and quite rich in the arrangements, the singing is much diverse and the Post-Prog tag is here perfectly accurate in this well balanced Cyber-epic, even the –hybrid- term from their moniker is also much deserved here .
I think the harsh vocals are most of the time very insipid as the occasional clean ones are ok, but the New Wave/Brit Pop similarities are quite boring , perhaps the next move for improvement will be to change the proportions in the singing styles and to reinforced the focus on the melodic hooks, because the new singer Antonio Di Campli is gifted and possess a real broad spectrum but fail to captivate the audience by his absent charisma!

The DEFTONES cover song is a nice attempt to convince me with “Headup” but again they failed again mostly because, well to be honest…I don’t like DEFTONES neither…Maybe me, myself and I are too picky or way too old?

To conclude on a positive note, i will compliment the band for the choice of the well-known artist Sam Hayles (PITCHSHIFTER / EARTHONE 9 / CELLDWELLER) who created the superb artwork concept for “A Matter of Faith” and also the addition of another contributor for the track “Age of Rationality” , the high profile musician Mr Felix Martin from Venezuela, if you dig some experimental stuff, his first instrumental studio album "The Scenic Album" is very warmly recommended by your truly.


2 Star Rating

1. Son of Galileo
2. My Twins
3. The Impossible
4. Age of Rationality
5. Science Fiction
6. The Parallax
7. Digi-Christ
8. Eternity
9. Trial of Trust (Arrival on Titan)
10. Trial of Trust (Colony of Salvation)
11. Trial of Trust (The Giant Leap)
12. Headup
Vittorio Del Prete - Drums
Simone Di Cicco - Guitars
Antonio Di Campli – Lead Vocals
Alessandro Mitelli - Guitars
Matteo”Matthias” Mucci - Bass
Giuseppe Costantino - Keyboards
Record Label: Dead Apple Productions


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Edited 01 February 2023

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