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Hybrid Sheep - Hail to the Beast

Hybrid Sheep
Hail to the Beast
by VR at 12 June 2017, 8:22 AM

French Modern Melodic Death Metal band, HYBRID SHEEP, was formed in the year 2008 in the administrative division of Haute Savoie. The band was started with the view to play Melodic Metal mixed with Brutal sounds. The curious name for the band as explained by Andre, “A sheep is a strong symbol in the Abrahamic religion. It actually represents the pure. A hybrid sheep, in the context of a normal goat, represents the good and the bad of every human being. We were actually hit by this name by chance, and you can remember that name.” The band released two EP in the year 2009 and 2012 respectively. They released their debut album “Free from the Clutches of God” in the year 2014. The band has been influenced by other European bands such as BENIGHTED, GOJIRA and ABORTED.

Warface” is the first song of the record and it is a vicious track to begin with. With a runtime of just over 4 minutes, the band has created a technically sound and articulate track with Deathcore influences. Growls interplayed with shrieks are an adequate match to this riff heavy track. The end of the song is a medley of organ and violins and it is a sedate end to a furious track. “Towards Ruin and Oblivion” and “Following Blind Leaders” are two rapid-fire songs that follow in quick succession. They more or less follow the pattern of savage Metal that the band performs. “The World Eater” is a song just shy of 4 minutes and I felt the faint Prog elements in the song as it was structured. The drumming on this song is phenomenal and the guitar melodies are rather spectacular. With frequent changes in tempo and the transaction between the vocal styles leaves the listener mesmerized and there is hardly a boring moment in the track. “The Last Breath of a Dying Earth” starts out with a ballad like quality before the familiar heavily distorted guitars lets rip. An instrumental song that is less than 3 minutes in runtime, the track boasts of a cordial reciprocation between the distorted guitar riffs, scorching guitar solos and quieter guitar melodies. “Hail to the Beast”, the generic title track, is mid tempo in nature and the band haven’t curtailed in aggression. Clever riffs and tempo changes give the vocals a run for its money. The twin lead guitar solo adds another dimension to this savage track.

The first thing that grabs the listener’s attention is the production value of the album and it is excellent. The vocals are another highlight of the album as it is in the forefront and not buried behind the intense guitar sound. The drumming is intense and almost pneumatic and precise in nature. The instrumental song smack in between the ferocious song gives a respite to the listener to get a mini break from the carnage to follow. The band has turned out an album that is as savage as it is original. The only drawback, if any, that I felt was the repetitiveness of the melodies as a whole. However, this is a strong album and takes no prisoners with its dangerous and fiendish music. This is a definite recommend for fans of heavy music.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Warface
2. Towards Ruin and Oblivion
3. Following Blind Leaders
4. The World Eater
5. The Last Breath of a Dying Earth
6. Premature Burial
7. Hail to the Beast
8. Harvest of Humans
9. Into the Lion’s Den
Arnaud - Vocals
Alex - Guitars
Andre - Guitars
Max - Bass
Jordon - Drums
Record Label: Tenacity Music


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